Master Ritualist

A Master Ritualist can modify existing Rituals to make their casting more potent. The Master Ritualist possesses a command of Ritual magic that far exceeds any contemporaries. Their experience corresponds to Obscure/Rare Knowledge. Learning powerful and difficult Rituals and Ceremonies may contribute to the energy pools for Chi, Focus, Mana, and/or Synergy.

Common Requirements: Must be an Expert Ritualist.

SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE: Reference works and basic exposure alone may only provide the foundation for gaining a [mechanics based] advantage. To reflect the practice and experience to gain that benefit consistently, typically requires a cost in Character Points.

d20™ Master Ritualist Details

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Requirements: Must meet the Ritual Caster requirements.

Benefits: The Master Ritualist can cast a Ritual in half the normal time (5 Minutes) + per Expert Ritualist. The Ritualist can use 1 (per Spell Level) of the Anima Fuel related to the Aptitude of their Class (usually their Primary Class) to affix any Ritual spell in their mind so that it requires no Concentration.

iCore Master Ritualist Details

Creating new materials and experimenting to manifest a Master Ritual may be powerful enough to warrant Elan.

Elan Building: This particular activity, along with Mystic Offerings to or time serving a Prime Entities, Time in Service to Prime Institutions or Entities, acquiring knowledge and experience arduously and over great amounts of game time (beyond Character Inception), Acts altering the outcome of great conflicts or the lives of many in general, and enhancing capabilities to an epic level can all build Elan.

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