Settings are a specific galaxy, system, world, or area that is part of the iVerse.

Setting Types

  • Contemporary: Alternate timeline of a continuum
  • Fantasy: Often High Fantasy can be through a filter of dark and horrific themes, or Gritty Realism
  • Modern:
  • Historical:
  • Futuristic:
Environmental Physical Conditions
Climate Terrain Ground Pressure
Arctic Aquatic Barren Zero-Gravity
Arid Coastal Forest Surface Water
Temperate Lowland Grassland Benthic
Tropical Mountain Jungle

Mundane physical conditions of an environment have an effect on many aspects of the game. A character’s familiarity with the three facets making up the base physical conditions can impact any ability which relies on them The sheer diversity of these indicates a broad spectrum of familiarity. In addition to the mundane environments, there exist many places in the multiverse (such as the realms of Radiance, Shadow, and the like).