Deachalia (Bastille in the Clouds)

Pronounced ‘Day-Kalia’

Creator: Steven Grenier; 2020
Design: Steven Grenier and Kelly Berger; This setting is part of the iVerse continuum.
Editor: Kelly Berger

Deachalia, also known as the ‘Bastille in the Clouds’, is a magical ‘world’ of a giant city that surrounds a tower that goes to the clouds. The locale is a pocket dimension that attaches itself to larger time-space milieu. The tower is a massive portal to countless dungeons that are constantly in transition. The ‘roots’ of the city, deep under the tower, imprison an Olden One whose name and nature are long forgotten – even by the gods themselves. The gods who built it passed into infinity, but pass on the keys to the tower – literally. It must be strengthened through victories in which evil is overcome and the the imprisoned presence is forever held in a state of unconsciousness. Each level of the tower is a dream or vision or spark of a happening that if it was allowed to manifest, it would destabilize the multiverse… the tower and the eternal fight is a major piece of the balance of the multiverse.

Powering the Locks

Adventurers are taken from the ranks of orphans, or from other planes and places, and set by various factions into the ‘dungeons’ of the tower to generate divine power in victory and glory in the name of the gods who keep the locks to the imprisoned god empowered so that it does not get let loose upon the multiverse. The demi-realm will find a strong anchor point on the Laey of the plane it is on, and attach itself. The city of Taenlorne’ around the tower will go about its business, as it leeches the resources of tree, stone, water and game from the nearby land. To the locals, they will have memories of the city always having been there, it will seemingly fit into a timeline seamlessly.

The Order of Victorio

It is a gathering place of gods – something akin to “neutral ground”. Gods move the tower to another plane and cause a city to build up around it – but no one consciously knows about the tower except one order. That order serves the gods who built it.

The order’s entire purpose is to continue to empower the locks holds on the ancient presence. In this, they are the only ones privy to the true nature of the city, tower, and its function. They seek to use it to capture dreams of elder gods of the void and demons of the far planes. They manifest these through powerful rituals that spawn the monsters upon which the heroes they groom and train will fight. New gods and powers take responsibility from older ones, adding draining their divine power to keep the prison secure. Through the order, gods sponsor training of orphaned and bred characters so that they can go in and their victories keep the magic ultimately binding the worst beings in place, in exchange they get treasure and experience. They are released after some term of service, though many retire in the city in luxury of appreciation.

The Rebels of Desirio

This force is trying to free the void spawn that was conquered and imprisoned. The promise of power, forbidden knowledge, magic items, and eternal life are the offers made to those who would work against the tower. This formed long after the Order of Victorio, and is mostly in the dark about the true nature of the presence they seek to liberate – all manner of justifications are made in the pursuit of power. It is thought that the “head”

History of Imprisonment

The reason the ancient entity was imprisoned has been lost to the mists of time. It is said to be a demon lord, a god, a corrupt star animus even. The tower was made by the gods. Heroes of the time captured the presence by chasing it into the abyss and multiple outer planes with the help of now forgotten gods. The ancient presence was conquered in a 10,000 year war but could not be killed. The heroic demi-gods asked the gods to intervene and the tower was created. The means of sustaining it evolved over millennium. The heroes and gods involved in its creation have long passed, and their names been forgotten. Over time, other beings have been imprisoned, the locks and keys added to the tower and the prison expanded upon.

The Dungeons

Portal to multi level massive dungeon.

City of Taenlor’ne


Middle of city, fog of fugue of amnesia about tower – park at center of city but no one wants to go in
People in the city make things and these things populate the imprisoned visions so they can be attacked by the heroes

Tower uses up all local resources (trees, coal, silver, gold, tin, copper, iron) or local heroes, then it jumps to another place/plane

People can be killed, ideas never die!

Sometimes ideas escape! Jack the ripper!

Players can be ANYTHING – agents of the gods bring them from various worlds and they grow up/train in the orders supporting the gods efforts in the city, they are given “the sight”.

Any level can be reset
Any level can be anything
The city has all amenities for the characters
There are places that buy and sell magic items
There are places that buy and sell gods favor

Whenever the city lands, its roots go deep and connects to the wells and fountains in the city.