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Divine Trinkets

Posted on December 9, 2021 in Aptitude

Divine Trinkets are repeatable, commonly created Magical Empowerment items using basic Alchemy which leverage Divine Aptitude. They require such aptitude, and usually an associated Pool of anima energy (Synergy) in order to craft. The production of these items is typically codified and recorded based on experimentation, and repeated in order to create items which are [typically] singularly bound to their intended wielder/wearer. High quality versions of these items may be made by master crafters and may signify and gain the benefits of Prestige Marks. The majority of divine items are singularly bound (via an institutional binding association). Items may also aid with the use of Connexion.

Divine Trinket Forms

The forms many divine trinkets come in are directly reflecting benefits to the community of the faithful and rely on some Conviction or Litany to function, or may be improved/have additional affect by the same. Most forms reflect the symbolism of washing away/cleansing, or consumption/taking in the power of the divine. Almost all forms are consumed in the process of their use – an offering of sorts, reflecting a sacrifice (cost) the follower is willing to pay for their faith.

  • Water
  • Incense
  • Candle

Divine Trinket Manifestation

Some trinkets have a requirement of Conviction. Specifically, the Follower must possess a Conviction associated with the institutional binding of the item. An item may incorporate multiple manifestations to trigger its powers.

A divine item may also have Ire placed upon it – for those attempting to use its functions without the requisite capabilities, it is empowered to harm them in some way.

Universal – Effects can be triggered by anyone. Universal items are those made to demonstrate the power of the divine to everyone. These are the most costly and are rare. Faith relies more on Followers to be this living and active demonstration.

Universal w/Aptitude – Effects can be triggered by anyone with Divine Aptitude. Divine aptitude indicates a certain shifted perspective that allows a character to draw out such power.

Universal w/Synergy – Effects can be triggered by anyone with Synergy anima. Synergy is used to fuel the power of the item.


Conviction w/Synergy

Divine Trinket Mechanics

i20™ _CommonTitle_ Details

Impacted by Attribute: None | Lore(s): None

i20 [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

i20 Text

iCore iCore™ _CommonTitle_ Details

Impacted by Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None | Lore(s): None

iCore [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

iCore Text

Empowered Occult Places

Posted on July 29, 2021 in Aptitude

Empowered Places are places that were formed using one of the energy pools (Mana Pool in this case) and/or a powerful [su_permalink id="6811"]Occult[/su_permalink] Principal or Agent. Places that leverage Occult Engagement are referred to by practitioners as Awakened. Empowered occult places, occult institutions (having their own Tenets), and occult individuals often share a Binding using Sigilry. Associated items most often use a Bond of Attunement.

Leveraging: Tapping into the power of these Empowered places imbued with Occult energy requires a measure of Occult Aptitude and/or Mana Pool.

Prestige in relation to places.


Incarna Core

Common Occult Empowered Places

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Aptitude Talent

Posted on July 15, 2021 in Aptitude

Talent assesses the degree of potential powers related to it, based on an Aptitude score denoting how many measures (quantifiable potential) they possess and their Outlook in employing associated capabilities. Those with measures are called “Practitioners“, and have specific labels associated with them: Follower (Divine), Adaptate (Kinetic), Magus (Occult), and Actualizer (Psychic). Outlook indicates the emphasis the character will use on addressing issues/problem solving and accumulating power that rely on the aptitude. Character Pathways may have specific Callings that require an Optimal Talent configuration that reflects a set # of measures of aptitude(s) to unlock their potential.

It is recommended that a character seeking to unlock, develop, and make best use of aptitude capabilities should have the Meditation feature.

Familiar – Latent Talent

Measures of Potential: 0 + Has only a Reservoir (Well) of Energy

Only characters with a greater than latent aptitude can actively develop their powers.

Latent Perspective: The powers of the Latent Talent lay dormant. Without a positive measure of aptitude, an entity cannot acquire and develop powers under normal aptitude saturation levels. They are capable of activating related powers in Imbued Items and Imbued Places. Saturation levels may allow latent talents glimpses into the powers and the ability to use them temporarily or unconsciously, but they cannot be consciously developed. such powers are viewed as undependable at best, and sometimes a curse.

Competent – Undeveloped Talent

Measures of Potential: 1 (5 Essence Total)

Undeveloped Perspective:

Accomplished – Active Talent

Measures of Potential: 2 (5+4 = 9 Essence Total)

Active Perspective:

Expert – Developed Talent

Measures of Potential: 3 (5+4+3 = 12 Essence Total)

Developed Perspective:

Master – Apex Talent

Measures of Potential: 4 (5+4+3+2 = 14 Essence Total)

Potency Conduit: Each Aptitude has a means of enhancing a vital principle of powers related to it. It typically changes the dynamic of effort and effect. This typically manifests as an effect triggered by fuel from an Energy Pool. These ‘conduit’ related capabilities are [outside of time].

Apex Perspective:

Natural Talent

Measures of Potential: 4 [Apex] @ time of Character Inception.

If the character starts as a Natural Talent and has their permanent Aptitude drained somehow, they are still considered a Natural Talent.

Aptitude Thematic Adjustments

Aptitude can cause an effect (spell, feature, or power) to have its potency adjusted because of the association with the knowledge, skill, and/or insight gained from a particular pathway of development. Usually this potency adjustment is applied to such effects that are noted as Emblematic in the source of the development pathway. The potency will often rely in a Focus; Those adjustments imparted by Institutional study and binding will have their limits adjusted by the symbols’ bond and Good Standing with the Institution. The maximum positive adjustment is limited to the related aptitude of the effect.

Incarna d20™ Aptitude Thematic Adjustments Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Example: Occult Order of the Golden Hand

Potency Measurement: Total Damage, Spell Save DC, and Spell Attack to spells not of greater level than their Occult Aptitude without their orders’ Mystic Focus Point [emblem/symbol]. The positive adjustment cannot be greater than the Occult Aptitude of the practitioner.

  • Thematic Emphasis: Divination [+2], Earth [+1]
    > Increased potency on related Emblematic spells and powers: All ‘detect’ spells and spells affecting, conjuring, evincing, shaping, or damaging with ‘earth’ or ‘stone’.
  • Thematic Frailty: Fire [-2]
    > Reduced potency on related Emblematic spells and powers: Any effect affecting, conjuring, evincing, shaping, or doing damage with ‘heat’, ‘flame’ or ‘fire’.

iCore Aptitude Thematic Adjustments Details/Mechanics

Example: Occult Order of the Golden Hand


Void Aptitude

Posted on July 14, 2021 in Aptitude


Void Engagement: Having Void Aptitude and/or void capability (powers, traits, features using void [Negation] energy) ties its possessor to The Void – the deepest powers of negation, of anti-being, the null of annihilation. It is fundamentally the power of negating every anima energy of creation to alter or sunder The Pattern. An entity possessing this quality is inimical to every aspect of life – its possessor is bound to the deepest powers of negation, anti-being, and the null of annihilation. Characters generally do not possess the ability to take this on as a primary path of character development. A permanent change in the score of this Aptitude triggers an Actuated Awareness.

Void Aptitude provides a means of harvesting Essence to feed upon, and the Gleaning mechanism, though instead of releasing energy back to the Aether, it removes it from existence entirely, consigning it to the void.

D20 Void Mechanics

Incarna Core Void Mechanics

Divine Aptitude: Bonds of spirit and insight into synergy of the cosmos.
Kinetic Aptitude: The rigors of health and mind-over-body.
Occult Aptitude: Command of arcane powers and entities.
Psychic Aptitude: The will as a representation of reality.


Kinetic Aptitude

Posted on November 19, 2018 in Aptitude

Kinetic Engagement: Having Kinetic Aptitude and/or kinetic capability – Powers, Skills/Traits, and/or Features using kinetic [Chi] energy. It is fundamentally the power of equilibrium in space and time to alter The Pattern. A character who takes on Kinetic Engagement as a path of perspective and development (to seek/petition for, acquire, and build up powers) is referred to as an Adaptate. The act of manifesting specific Kinetic Power/Capability using Chi (see hereafter) is referred to as Demonstrating. A permanent change in the score of this (or any) Aptitude triggers an Actuated Awareness.

i20™ Kinetic Engagement Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Requirements: Adoption of a [Kinetic] related Primary Class and Primary Ability. * No Aptitude power can be exercised unless the character’s level is equal to the Aptitude rating. *

iCore Kinetic Engagement Details/Mechanic

All benefits from previous measures are inherited.

i20™ Kinetic Measurement Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.
D20 Kinetic Measurements
Rating Cost Description (Cumulative Effects)
0 [Latent] 0 Essence A Latent Talent has no measurable aptitude, but does possess a related anima energy; Kinetic anima is “Chi“.
1 5 Essence

All the Basic/Proficient capabilities (as well as those of lesser measures) of the Common Kinetic Aptitude Powers.

Natural Discernment: +1 on checks for Kinetic Phenomenon

Natural Affinity: The character may Attune a single Empowered Kinetic Item without Pledging Essence.

2 4 Essence(9 total)

All the Accomplished capabilities (as well as those of lesser measures) of the Common Kinetic Aptitude Powers.

  • Attribute Affinity: The character gains a +1 increase to the maximum value (usually taking it to 21) of their Primary Ability within their Primary Class.
3 3 Essence(12 total)

All the Exceptional capabilities (as well as those of lesser measures) of the Common Kinetic Aptitude Powers.

  • Aptitude Emphasis: At 8th level, if you choose an Ability Score Increase in your Primary Class’s 2 proficient abilities, you can increase one ability by 1 and the other by 2.
4 2 Essence(14 total)

All the Masterful capabilities (as well as those of lesser measures) of the Common Kinetic Aptitude Powers.

Vital Conduit: = Vital Body: [1 Chi] The next set of Death Saves (until an outcome is resolved) requires only a 9 or better for success.

4 @ time of Character Inception

iCore Kinetic Aptitude

iCore Kinetic Aptitude
Rating Cost Description
1 5 Essence
2 4 Essence(9 total)
3 3 Essence(12 total)
4 2 Essence(14 total)
4 @ time of Character Inception
Common Kinetic Aptitude Powers: These scale with each Measure.

Kinetic Affinity

Armored Maneuvers

Action Burst

Shrug Off

Unarmored Maneuvers

Kinetic Energy: Chi > Chi allows a character to manipulate object, powers, and features based on kinetic bonds to The Pattern. To consciously and freely gain and use Chi, a character must have Essence and a Chi Well. Kinetic Aptitude provides a basic amount in a Chi Well, but Chi can be developed independent of it.

The Divine: Bonds of greater purpose though spirit and insight into mystic connectedness.
The Occult: Command of arcane powers & entities through understanding of The Pattern.
The Kinesthetic: Mind-over-body through the rigors of health, concentration, and discipline.
The Psychogenic: Reality as a representation/reflection of Will Power and inner vision.

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