Anima Energy Reservoirs

Anima Energy Reservoirs represent an energy used to tap into and make related (Divine, Kinetic, Occult, Psychic, etc.) aspects of The Pattern evident. It allows a character to make, boost, leverage, reveal, express, channel, and remember aspects and the flows of related capabilities – creating and tapping into Empowered Items and Empowered Places. Anything with the potential to have Anima (generally anything possessing Essence) may develop these reservoirs of power. Almost everything has minimal latent energy, locked away and unavailable for conscious use. These reservoirs are what can be tapped into and actively directed.

Learning: Actuating [acquiring] an Anima Well requires either a Primer or a tutor. A tutor is done as institutional or personal [instruction]. It takes time and is a service often charged for. If through a Primer, it requires related Phenomenological Lore. Learning powerful and difficult Rituals and Ceremonies may Actuate and/or contribute to the energy pools for Chi, Focus, Mana, and/or Synergy.

  • Some characters who command this energy are also Channelers, sensitive to its roots and flows and efficient in its development.
  • All Anima types may be used to replace or enhance Materials for Casting.
  • Such reservoirs can also be corrupted.
  • Anima Reservoirs have both a Well and Pool aspect. They can exist in Anima Objects as well.
These are key to unlocking capability & powers: Meditation, Features acquired (using CP) through Skills and Traits, & Foundational Aptitudes.

Anima Well

A reservoir of aptitude/spark based energy that replenishes over time by itself. Natural [Aptitude] Talents automatically gain this Feature, related to the Aptitude in which they possess the Natural Talent, without having to pay any extra cost.

Anima Pool

A reservoir of aptitude/spark based energy that does not replenish over time by itself. It can be refilled/replaced, but generally, anything in it once used, is gone forever. Any character with a Anima Well, has a related Anima Pool of the same type.