Availability and Cost Portion

Availability affects the value of goods. Availability, scarcity, quality of craftsmanship all factor in. The local Standard of Living and the Social Status of those seeking the goods may also have an impact. The availability is generally reflected in Settlement Properties.

Item Availability – General Values
Degree Min. Cost Acquisition Time1 Stock Chance2
Unique x20 (varies) 3-6 Months -X
Rare x10 1-3 Months -2
Scarce x5 1-2 Weeks 2
Uncommon x2 4-5 Days 6
Common Normal 2 Days or less 10
Pervasive Normal or less Same day or immediate Auto

1: The time is modified by the means of transport systems and communication.
This assumes item is already made.

2: Add a suppliers relevant capability if appropriate, reflecting their ability to procure an item.

The availability of items will impact their cost. The availability guidelines are meant to be used as a base line, local factors (rarity, social upheaval, distance to market and transport means, local economics, race or group relations, etc.) may alter availability of items.

Cost Portion

Many objects are roughly assessed for price based on their cost relative to the income a normal average a starting character would receive for the milieu.

  1. Simple: 10%
  2. Average: 25%
  3. Major: 50%
  4. Full: 100%