Multiverse, Intellect, Anima, and The Pattern

All Game materials are built with the documented Incarna Game Design elements.

Mysticism is at the heart of the Incarna cosmology. It adds a layer of on top of the normal material interactions within the organized multiverse. This mysticism incorporates ideas of how all action, magic, time, and energy comes together based on a notion called The Pattern. Mysticism is not the same as supernatural, though often mistaken for it.

The Pattern

The Pattern is the perceived continuously unfolding, interwoven nature of the multiverse. The particular details, be it fate, laws of physics, will, or whatever the milieu provides which tie all things together in a Sphere is known as The Pattern. It is made up of Essence (describes an entity; Aptitude represents the nature and Anima is the energy), Spark (interactions between things; a multitude of defined damage types reflect its manifestations), and Foundation (the flow – from idea to negation; Aether, Brilliance, Umbragia, and Void). As strands of the pattern are being formed, the current moment is known as The Weave.

The pattern has many names and many perspectives and sub patterns which can be perceived. There are patterns within patterns, getting down to molecular levels or simply to the history of two beings together. Everything fits into a specific pattern in a specific way that represents its natural affinity, initially determined by their Order of Being which, in turn, defines their Essence. When something is forced into a pattern in a manner it was not meant to, it acquires Paradox, and possibly loses some of its Essence. Conscious entities can try and evolve to a Higher Order or shift to a different Dimension – transcending their limits and permanently altering their fit in a pattern, perhaps even becoming part of a different one altogether. The Pattern has properties itself, which can alter a character’s experience of the world around them in scope from an entire plane of existence, to a small locale. The Pattern shows evidence of itself through Signs, and evidence of breaks in it through such things as odd happenstances or Flub. Repeatable, directly observable cause-effect relationships, understandable on a conscious level are comprehended as Laws. The symbolic and highly interpretable Signs are known as Omens; these rely on intuition and unconscious connection. Patterns are perceived and interacted with on both conscious and unconscious levels by Nous and Anima.

Weave: Elements that “tie together” everything in The Pattern are known as “Weaves”. Aptitude, Essence, and Elan. Character can leverage their place in The Pattern and manipulate individual’s weaves using Character Weaves.

Nous: The conscious power of the intellect to interact with The Pattern by formulating ideas, gaining understanding and control. The end result of Nous is knowledge and understanding of laws, and through it all things are possible. Nous allows the conscious manipulation of energy and is the core of mystical perspectives.

Anima: Anima is the unconscious relationship with and sense of place within The Pattern that something is part of. The end result of Anima is balance, harmony, and a natural direction or path forward. Anima facilitates the unconscious tapping of energy and is the core of the animist perspective. Anima often affords glimpses of Omens.


Mystic Pillars: Divine, Kinetic, Occult, Psychic

The energies
>Void = The Far Realm

Well of Shadows = Negative Plane (aka Nighmaria-horror/negative)
– Shadowfell > Aether/Void/Shadows
(origins of all undead)
Astral = Astral
– Drakkoniya > Elemental Chaos/Astral
(origins/claimed by Dragons)
Well of Radiance = Positive Plane (aka Dreamaria-fantasy/positive)
– Feywild > Aether/Astral/Radiance
(origins/claimed by Faerie races)
Aether = Ethereal

The Integrated iVerse

The Integrated iVerse

The Outerverse