Soul Trees of Ynth

Steel Realms

The Soul Trees of Ynth is a type of elven Soul Well. Once the Elves of Helca were led to Ynth…
These trees protect the memories of those who fall in life, a repository of great wisdom and knowledge for those who can focus on a single voice and not be drowned in the cacophony of souls.

Tree Whisperers

The Planting

Fed with water from Greencut of Ynth.

Tree of Copse and Hill

Location: eastern Ynth; Second Tree of the Elves.

The fate of this tree… It is still hale and healthy.

Tree of Glade and Wood

Location: central Ynth; Third Tree of the Elves.

The fate of this tree… It is still hale and healthy.

Tree of Sea and Wave

Location: western Ynth/(now) Vale Evander; The Last Tree of the Elves.

The fate of this tree… It was burned to the ground by the Orrish, which is also the primary trauma that has caused the decline of Ynthian elves.

Tree of Cloud and Breeze

Location: Valley of Sighs; The First Tree of the Elves.

The fate of this tree… It is stunted and near death. It is bound to the other Soul Trees, which is the only thing keeping it alive. The Syphym, the winged elves, gradually withered and died out. There are only a few isolated pockets left on Helca, and they do not interact with other faerie.

Soul Tree Capabilities

D20 Soul Trees

Tree of Cloud and Breeze

Corrupted and warped, it lists to the west, stands about only 40′ and has a tangled mass of branches. The bark is black and drips ichor; Necrotic lightning (5d6 Necrotic or Lightning) each round whenever any living thing comes within 120′.

The Branch Run of Cloud and Breeze: Requires Athletics or Acrobatics, must make 3 rounds of Death Saves. Immune to lv 1 exhaust; +1 strength; leaves black vein like markings on skin all over; hatred of those not of your own race. Any Reckless attack gains Proficiency Bonus in damage.
The Orrish are known to have contests of their bravest do this every so often.

Incarna Core Soul Trees


Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/availability. If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge / Easy Difficulty

Most Recent History

Commonly Understood Origins

Commonly Understood Development

None of these have been seen in a thousand years or more.

  • Key Places
  • Key Entities
  • Key Concepts

Obscure Knowledge / Near-Impossible Difficulty

Note: Secret Knowledge is information not available in any known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.

The first Soul Tree of the faerie kin still lives in the Valley of Sighs – blighted and burned but has refused all attempts to extinguish its life force.

Tree of Frost and Earth

The Illyndrian Aelves have a tie to the network of Soul Trees, though it is not the tree but the land it is planted in that is the true Soul Well. The draining of the first tree in the Valley of Sighs covers the minor connection the Illyndrians share with their forest kin, but allows it to extend their awareness to the Soul Tree collective to keep a quiet watch on their brethren.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic