Rare Knowledge / Very Hard Difficulty

Pervasive knowledge/information is a level of the scaled Knowledge Hierarchy. Knowledge may be ciphered/encrypted by various means.

Rare knowledge is knowledge that is only understood by the most rigorous and practiced. It is generally not taught as part of standard education or learning, but the concepts and activities rely on a more integrated set of information. Sometimes it takes a more advanced discovery process to garner the knowledge, or it may be revealed as insights through mastering all previous capabilities. Among skilled professions, such levels of knowledge are usually possessed by trade/skill Masters. Obscure/Rare Knowledge encompasses Mastered Learning and Knowledge.

Example Scope of Knowledge: “Humans walk upright on 2 legs, have babies, live in a variety of climates and environments in homes they design, and as mammals have live births after 9 months gestation, typically raising them as part of a multi-person family or extended social unit. The biological parents pass some characters on to their offspring.”

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