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Presence of the Hale

Posted on March 28, 2024 in Feature

Presence of the Hale is a combination of Presence Expression and Heath Expression that triggers as long as the practitioner stays Hale. This can only be acquired by those with a Material Presence, and only affects others of a similar nature with material health.

Requires: Kinetic Aptitude

Any ability they use that rallies, inspires, or invokes the power of leadership to grant temporary Health, gains plus one (+1) on all recipients.

Character Class Templates

Posted on January 18, 2023 in Feature

Classes” are a type of Character Path. Class choice identifies your character with some broad vision, which reflects specific capabilities. It often leads to role-play challenges with which to based reward on. Any class is possible (with GM approval) in the right situation, regardless of limitations of background, race, culture, gender, regional issues, social norms of the setting and provisions of the Game Master. A full set of Character Stories can explain nearly anything, even complete deviation from any setting, rule and/or play restrictions in a Class Templates.

Limitations: Classes adhere to the Character Calling provisions. Multi-classing after character creation has only the limits the story, setting, and GM apply (aside from any normal rules-based limits). Individual settings and GMs may limit certain character paths to specific upbringings or experiences.

Class Template Properties

Aptitude Disposition

Aptitude Disposition is the factoring of Aptitude in class capabilities. Characters do not need to acquire specific aptitude at the time of character creation (though it maximizes the impact), but must set aside enough Essence for 1 measure of Aptitude, and can be converted into it when a character chooses their first Aptitude.

  • Minimal Disposition = Having the minimal listed Aptitude measures for the class.
  • Optimal Disposition = Having the optimal listed Aptitude measures for the class.
  • Incentivized Classing = For each class beyond the first, any ability minimum increases by one (1).

Acquiring After Character Inception

  • Minimal Disposition = Aptitude based abilities that rely on the Primary Ability.
  • Optimal Disposition = Improved abilities of Minimal Disposition. If the character has an optimal rating in the aptitude requirements, there is no minimum ability rating for Multiclassing.

Acquiring at Time of Character Inception

  • Acquired Capabilities: All benefits and abilities listed under “Acquiring after Character Inception” are gained.
  • Primary Class: The character may choose a Class Incentive at Character Inception – This class must be their first, must have or be tied for the highest rank/level if multi-classed.

    As a character’s Class Incentive rank/levels meet and exceed their Aptitudes related to their primary class, they gain even more improvements in their “Acquired Capabilities”.

  • Ability Incentive: +1 (to one of the Primary Class’ chosen extended Proficient Abilities)
  • Aptitude Incentive: Minor = -1 / Major = -2 (total Essence cost of the Primary Class aptitude disposition)

Class Provisions

i20™ Class Template Details

iCore iCore™ Class Template Details

Anima Energy Reservoirs

Posted on September 28, 2022 in Feature

Anima Energy Reservoirs represent an energy used to tap into and make related (Divine, Kinetic, Occult, Psychic, etc.) aspects of The Pattern evident. It allows a character to make, boost, leverage, reveal, express, channel, and remember aspects and the flows of related capabilities – creating and tapping into Empowered Items and Empowered Places. Anything with the potential to have Anima (generally anything possessing Essence) may develop these reservoirs of power. Almost everything has minimal latent energy, locked away and unavailable for conscious use. These reservoirs are what can be tapped into and actively directed using the fulcrums of Nous and Anima. The reservoir properties may all be modified by aptitude Saturation impacts.

Learning: Actuating [acquiring] an Anima Well requires either a Primer or a tutor/imbuer of some sort. A tutor is usually done as institutional or personal [instruction]. It takes time and is a service often charged for. If through a Primer, it requires related Phenomenological Lore or tutelage represented as experience at Character Inception. Learning powerful and difficult Rituals and Ceremonies may Actuate and/or contribute to the energy pools for Chi, Focus, Mana, and/or Synergy.

  • Channelers: Some characters who command this energy are also Channelers, sensitive to its roots and flows and efficient in its development. To be a channeler of a reservoir requires 1 Essence and applies to a single reservoir.
  • Such reservoirs can also be corrupted.
  • Anima Reservoirs have both a Well and Pool aspect. They can exist in Anima Objects as well.
These are key to unlocking capability & powers: Meditation, Features acquired (using CP) through Skills and Traits, & Foundational Aptitudes.

Acquiring and Improving Energy Reservoirs

Return Rate: Reservoirs replenish through Rest, which can be enhanced by Meditation.

  • Acquiring/REQ: Usually a CP cost or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger.
  • Initial Potential: When the reservoir is first developed.

    Potential Test: If the reservoir is acquired at the time of Character Inception, they may gain an additional amount reflecting the time spent in development as part of their age. This generally represents a generic check and gains only an additional small amount. This experience adds 10% to starting age, and a character may become Hardened as part of this.

  • Releasing Potential: Sacrifice of Essence permanently = +1 Point per related Aptitude (min. 1); Increased if sacrificed at a moment of Actuated Awareness. Whenever a Channeler Releases Potential for their related reservoir, they gain an extra 1, 2 if done during Actuated Awareness;

  • Experience Reward: A direct Reward granted by the Game Master based on unusual circumstances or particularly adroit actions – possibly related to personal or institutional service.

Decreasing Energy Reservoirs:

  • Essence:

i20™ Energy Reservoir Details

  • Return Rate = 1/Short Rest, All/Long Rest
  • Acquiring:
  • Initial Potential: [prof-bonus] + 1 Point per applicable Aptitude

    Potential Test: DC 10 generic check (+ Proficiency Bonus) = +1 Point

  • Releasing Potential: Sacrifice if 1 Essence permanently = +1 Point per related Aptitude (min. 1); If spent during a moment of Actuated Awareness, increase by 1.

iCore iCore™ Energy Reservoir Details

COST/REQ: -5 CP or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger.

Reservoir Material Empowerment

All Anima types may be used to replace or enhance Materials for Casting. A character may empower a casting to substitute for the Pervasive/Common materials (1% Cost Portion) or increase the material empowerment by 1 + a [related Aptitude]. Example: A character without any materials or Mystic Focus Point Item may use 1 anima {ex: Synergy} to substitute or increase the material empowerment to the Uncommon (10% Cost Portion). If they have {ex: Divine} Aptitude, they may increase the material empowerment 1 level for each point of Anima (maximum 5 {ex: Synergy} for level of Cost Portion).

Anima Well

A reservoir of aptitude/spark based energy that replenishes over time by itself. Natural [Aptitude] Talents automatically gain this Feature, related to the Aptitude in which they possess the Natural Talent, without having to pay any extra cost.

Anima Pool

A reservoir of aptitude/spark based energy that does not replenish over time by itself. It can be refilled/replaced, but generally, anything in it once used, is gone forever. Any character with a Anima Well, has a related Anima Pool of the same type.




Posted on August 5, 2021 in Feature

Connexion should be bond based not conviction. Channel divinity elementary for divine
What one may do, so can another
communication mind foundation
stongest with higher order entities – divine and psychic pact often form the only measurable over occult and kinetic because of the nature of the bond and power of higher order beings.

Divine Ties

Any measure of Conviction grants the ability to use the ties of faith to reach out and sense and/or channel the influence of the divine. A character may be able to use skills and senses to feel the power of great enemies of the faith, or to enact ritual/ceremonial prayers and observances that may channel power or influence of their faith. This is typically very mundane – such as the banishment of bad dreams, strength in the face of fearing enemies of the faith, etc.
The GM/Story will determine what is relevant and/or appropriate.

The power of a divine Principle can be invoked by Connexion, to make a pronouncement of Weal or Woe, a Blessing or Onus, vision/dream revelation, a direct counter to a similar (minor) manifestation of an opposed faith, or even a pronunciation of Agenthood in extreme circumstances.

Incarna d20™ CONNEXION Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Divine Aptitude 1 OR 5 [Divine] Allotted Essence.

CONNEXION: Used through a Wisdom (Religion skill [proficiency required]) check.

Only a cleric with Channel Divinity or character that can cast Augury can perform a The Sojourn Auspice at the start of a venture.

iCore CONNEXION Details/Mechanics

<3>The Sojourn Auspice

The GM adjudicates if the Observance is warranted or not. Signs and portents for originating a quest, adventure, sojourn into a major situation or area for the faith. The Observance will result in a pronunciation of Weal or Woe for the character. The divine Connexion may target one of the Congregation or Flock of the priest instead, though if the pronouncement is negative, the cost is paid by the one making the Observance. It may be combined with an Offering of Pilgrimage.


Negation Reservoir (Void)

Posted on July 14, 2021 in D20 Feature iCore Trait

Negation is a manifestation of a form of Void anti-Anima. Only entities with [permanent] Void Aptitude may develop a Negation Reservoir – a reservoir of Void power from which they may activate power and effects that leverage that type of Anima. Like all reservoirs, a Well (and supplementary Pool) is gained. Natural [Aptitude] Talents do not exist for the >Void Aptitude.

Feature Type: Void

Acquiring and Improving Synergy Reservoirs

Learning how to unlock the reservoir follows standard Anima Reservoir’s methods.

This uses the standard Acquiring and Improving Energy Reservoirs mechanics. Its applicable aptitude is Divine.