Meditation attempts to harmonize the mind and body with its position in the time-space of The Pattern around it. A character suffering from Nightmares cannot Meditate. Meditation is also the foundation for species and creatures that do not take material sleep or rest to gain an equivalent experience – such as those connected to The World Beyond (ex: The Body Beyond, The Mind Beyond, etc.).

Meditative Regeneration:

Upright Mind: The Upright Mind can restore measures of disorientation taken from psychic attacks.

Silent Mind: Sequesters the ego and provides a limited or no target for psychic powers. This prevents the user from using any psychic powers of their own in while this is in effect.

D20 Meditation Mechanics

Check: Simple DC 10 + ability bonus of either Sanity or Constitution (whichever is lower)

Success: During the next Short Rest (within 24 hours), an additional 1 point is added to the Recovery Rate for the following:

Chi Pool
Mana Pool
Occult Pool
Synergy Pool

Can meditate to regenerate multiple pools, adding an hour for each pool beyond the first.

Incarna Core List

Meditative Assistance

Materials to help with the mind set and facilitate the state of mindfulness.

These are key to unlocking capability & powers: Meditation, Features acquired (using CP) through Skills and Traits, & Foundational Aptitudes.
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