Character Development (CP)

All Character building and development is done using Character Points (CP). They are the primary form of Reward awarded by the Game Master and used to construct characters at the time of Character Inception. These can be used to acquire aspects such as Knowledge (powers, languages/literacy, etc.) and Features (Skills, and Traits, etc.) and Experiences (class, race, archetypes, etc.) that serve to customize a character. Gaining these capabilities follows the standard learning processes and limits.

Costs: The specific cost of an character facet is set in CP (and possible other other costs), and is set in relation to other aspects based on their impact on the game. Individual GMs or settings may override this. A fully documented Character Chronicle will reflect the how all the forms of Character Points (CP) were spent.

Managing Character Points

  • Pool: Current total.
  • Free: The amount of the Pool available for use.
  • Pledged: The amount of the Pool set aside to accomplish bindings; it cannot be used for other things without breaking the bonds.
  • Allocated: To be assigned from future gains to the Pool; Note amounts and uses – individual GMs and settings allow for this.

    Deferred CP Costs: A specific type of Allocated CP that allows Players at the time of Inception to acquire character facets (species, etc.) using CP gained in the future. Any deferred costs must be paid before CP can be spent on other things – half of any gained CP must be used in this way at bare minimum.

Tracking Spent CP: It is not necessary to track all CP spent or how it was spent – this may be mandated by GMs or a players choice to track.

These are key to unlocking capability & powers: Meditation, Features acquired (using CP) through Skills and Traits, & Foundational Aptitudes.

Character Development Aspects