Void Aptitude


Void Engagement: Having Void Aptitude and/or void capability (powers, traits, features using void [Negation] energy) ties its possessor to The Void – the deepest powers of negation, of anti-being, the null of annihilation. It is fundamentally the power of negating every anima energy of creation to alter or sunder The Pattern. An entity possessing this quality is inimical to every aspect of life – its possessor is bound to the deepest powers of negation, anti-being, and the null of annihilation. Characters generally do not possess the ability to take this on as a primary path of character development. A permanent change in the score of this Aptitude triggers an Actuated Awareness.

Void Aptitude provides a means of harvesting Essence to feed upon, and the Gleaning mechanism, though instead of releasing energy back to the Aether, it removes it from existence entirely, consigning it to the void.

D20 Void Mechanics

Incarna Core Void Mechanics

Divine Aptitude: Bonds of spirit and insight into synergy of the cosmos.
Kinetic Aptitude: The rigors of health and mind-over-body.
Occult Aptitude: Command of arcane powers and entities.
Psychic Aptitude: The will as a representation of reality.