Occult Aptitude

Occult Engagement: Having Occult Aptitude and/or occult capability (powers, traits, features using occult [Mana] energy). It is fundamentally the power of revealing the energy of creation to alter The Pattern. A character who takes on this engagement as a primary path of character development is referred to as a Magus. A permanent change in the score of this Aptitude triggers an Actuated Awareness. The act of manifesting specific Occult Power/Capability using Mana (see hereafter) is referred to as Casting.

Petitioning for Occult Power: For more information of the actions and perspectives on this, see the Guide for the Magus.

Occult Energy: Mana

Mana allows a character to manipulate object, powers, and features based on occult bonds to The Pattern. To consciously and freely gain and use Mana, a character must have a Essence and a Mana Pool. Occult Aptitude provides a basic amount in a Mana Pool, but Mana can be developed independent of it.

d20™ Occult Aptitude Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Requirements: Adoption of a Primary Class and Primary Ability. * No Aptitude power can be exercised unless the character’s level is equal to the Aptitude rating. *

Primary Classes: Bard (College of Lore only), Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard, Fighter (Eldritch Knight – Occult Chronicle or Minor Pact), Rogue (Arcane Trickster – Occult Chronicle or Minor Pact)

Primary Abilities: Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom

Characters must choose their Primary Class if they have not already (they may only possess 1). This class must be one in which they have a level in. The character must choose their Primary Ability if they have not already (they may only possess 1); It must be on the list of the class’s Proficient Abilities.

Occult Group: A Coven; Requires 3+ occultists can combine powers
All occult abilities manifest as if it were a normal spell for requirements and effects, unless specifically noted. All spells are cast at the Occult Class level, or minimum level needed to cast (whichever is greater). If an aptitude power is not normally usable by the Occult Class, the character can still use it.

  • Major Occultists: These have a deep background of regimen, discipline, and experience.
  • Minor Occultists: This represents a tangential, minimal, or passing interest only. These include: Magic Initiate and Ritual Caster that use Wizard/Bard/Sorcerer/Warlock spells with Occult Chronicle or Minor Pact as their source.
D20 Occult Aptitude
Rating Cost Description (Cumulative Effects)
1 5 Essence

Natural Discernment: +1 on checks for Occult Phenomenon

Natural Affinity: The character may Attune a single Empowered Occult Item without Pledging Essence.

2 4 Essence(9 total)
  • Attribute Affinity: The character gains a +1 increase to the maximum value (usually taking it to 21) of their Primary Ability within their Primary Class.
3 3 Essence(12 total)
  • Aptitude Emphasis: At 8th level, if you choose an Ability Score Increase in your Primary Class’s 2 proficient abilities, you can increase one ability by 1 and the other by 2.
4 2 Essence(14 total) Vital Conduit = Gleaning Retrieval: [1 Mana] as part of a Mystic Offering to Glean Mana from a magical/mystical object.
4 @ time of Character Inception
D20 Occult Aptitude
Aspect Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Aptitude 3 Aptitude 4
Aegis Power Occult Aegis (As an Action; +2 AC; treated as abjuration or conjuration; lasts 10 minutes and shimmers – Stealth is not possible; no concentration needed) +1 Greater Resilience, Non-Detection +1 Counter Spell (targeting self only), +1 Greater Resilience (can spend both at once)
Attunement Can attune an additional occult item (requiring the OCcult Class). Can attune an additional occult item (requiring the Occult Class).
Occult Alacrity Can use 1 Mana to suspend a readied spell to persist for up to 1 hour. A readied spell gets the occultist’s Occult Aptitude rating as an Initiative bonus and it cannot be interrupted when cast.
Occult Assistant Unseen Servant gains a movement rate same as Occultist’s species normal Unseen Servant gains bonus HP and Strength = Occult Aptitude If the occultist is within 100’ of an object that they own or are attuned to, the assistant can fetch the item and return if the occultist does not move more than 30’ before it returns. Unseen Servant enhances Mage Hand so that its activity once cast runs as a Bonus Action
Occult Inspiration 1 Mana gains a +1 on an Arcana check (maximum bonus +4 on any single check)
Occult Power +1 Spell Slot (1st level only). +1 Spell Slot (1st or 2nd level)
Ritualist The character gains knowledge of one 1st level spell of their class that can be ritualized. Swap out a prepared ritual spell per Short Rest (10 minute * spell level) Character can prepare an extra spell as long as it a spell that can be ritualized; or The character gains knowledge of one 1st level ritual spell of any class.
Sense Magic Detect Magic uses a Bonus Action instead Detect Magic range is x Occult Aptitude Detect Magic duration is x Occult Aptitude Detect Magic requires no Concentration
Student of Magic +1 Spells Known (of 1st level only) +1 Prepared Spell or +1 Spells Known (1st or 2nd level) +1 Spells Known (1st or 2nd level) & +1 to Spell Attack Modifier +1 Prepared Spell or Spells Known
1/Short Rest Powers Detect Magic, Unseen Servant Long Strider, Occult Aegis Arcanist’s Magic Aura Shield
4 @ time of Character Inception

High Occultist

Once the Occult Level has exceeded aptitude (5th).

  • Bard: They gain a wizard school, and Bardic Inspiration is doubled when used resisting spells, +1 Spells Known and +1 Spell Slot
  • Sorcerer: +1 Sorcery Point, +1 Metamagic, Regain +1 Sorcery point per Short Rest, +1 Spell Known
  • Warlock: +1 spells known. +1 Spell Slot and +1 Eldritch Invocation when they get their pact boon OR can use their 6th level warlock powers twice as often. Their curses after they get their pact boon are stronger as well. Bane is always maximum penalty, and Bestow Curse has disadvantage on its save.
  • Wizard: Gains a 2nd level ability from another school (not any tradition – must be a school of magic) at 5th and another at 10th (or the 6th level ability in the first one), +1 cantrip, can use 5 mana to cast Detect Magic, +1 to Arcane Recovery, +1 prepared spell.

iCore Occult Mechanics

iCore Occult Aptitude
Rating Cost Description
1 5 Essence
2 4 Essence(9 total)
3 3 Essence(12 total)
4 2 Essence(14 total)
4 @ time of Character Inception
The Divine: Bonds of greater purpose though spirit and insight into mystic connectedness.
The Occult: Command of arcane powers & entities through understanding of The Pattern.
The Kinesthetic: Mind-over-body through the rigors of health, concentration, and discipline.
The Psychogenic: Reality as a representation/reflection of Will Power and inner vision.