Actuated Awareness

A character’s self awareness becomes actuated each time they achieve a meaningful shift in their place or perspective of life (The Pattern). Character Creation is always a trigger for Actuated Awareness. If multiple conditions are triggering the Actuated Awareness at once, only a single instance can be exploited.

  • A permanent change of an Attribute score.
  • A permanent Increase in Essence.
  • A permanent change in an Aptitude measure.
  • A permanent Grievous Wound.
  • A specific activation of awareness learned by some methodology not obvious. This usually means a guru, mystic, or transcendental experience.

D20 Actuated Awareness Triggers

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.
  • The addition of a new Class or a new level in an existing Class.
  • A permanent, willing change of Alignment.

Incarna Core Actuated Awareness Triggers