Attunement is the process by which the aura of an place, person, or item becomes bonded to the aura of a living thing. Most often this is with a magical item so that that item may be used as if it were an extension of its owner/wielder. Some Attunements and/or their effects are dependent on Harmony. Simple Attunement is accomplished by just wearing the item. Some more sophisticated or specialized divine items may require a Rite of Attunement.

Lesser Attunement (1 Essence)

Greater Attunement (2 Essence)

Superior Attunement (3+ Essence)

Awoken Items

Awoken items are imbued with Essence. These items were usually made for some purpose, to accomplish some task or serve some interest. They may possess a level of awareness or intelligence similar to a biologically living being. Those with Intelligence will often have an ego, personality, and a primary motivation that it wants to accomplish. Working against the items purpose is a Transgression.


The compact between bonded entities has been broken. It can also be triggered with a Rite of Proclamation of Transgression for divine bonds.

Transgression (Unintelligent Items): Simple awoken items of divine nature may seek a Rite of Attonement.

A character not receiving Atonement by the end of a Long Rest will lose 1 measure of Attunement; Once Minor Attunement is lost, the item is treated as if it were no longer bonded to the wielder in any way. At this point, Atonement can only restore 1 measure of Attunement.

Transgression (Intelligent Item): In absence of a simple path of Atonement, the bound user must apologize profusely, perhaps with a witness. They must agree to work with the item to make an Atonement. Though there may be no time limit (the item will be flexible), it cannot be put off indefinitely. The item may refuse to function in whole or partially. Perhaps each ability of the item can be bargained for in redressing the wrong – it is up to the item.

D20 Attunement

Essence is a limiting factor for the amount of magical items a character may become Attuned to. If the character needs to Attune the item immediately as a Quick Bond, the Essence loss is permanent. When the Attunement is broken or ended, the point of Essence is returned to the character unless it was a quick bond. If the item is intelligent will communicate in dreams or using whatever form of communication available to it all that it can, including its purpose. If the character consents to serve the interests of the item the Attunement will work.

Breaking Attunement: The death of a attuned wielder or a intentional breaking of the Attunement will require a full Short Rest before the Essence is returned (unless quick bonded) and no other Attunements can take place until after this.

Minor Attunement: Each [Minor] Attunement takes 1 Essence from the character’s Essence Pool and takes a Short Rest with the item.

Major Attunement:

Incarna X Attunement