Aura of Ascendency

An aura surrounds the character in which they command maximum influence of occult powers. This can only be detected with Aura Sight. It can also affect aptitude aegis for the The Aegis of Ascendancy. This Aura manifests as [manifest description]. The range of the Aura is a 10′ radius. This is an Advanced Concept, tied to Aura and Aptitude (in this case Occult) that is optional under Incarna rules (especially the iD20 variant for Classes).

Common Cost/REQ: Talent Mastery reflected as Natural Occult Talent; Sacrifice 1 [contentblock id=essence1] permanently; Mana Pool. The setting or GM may impose further requirements, such as possessing knowledge of a specific Ritual or Ceremony which unlocks access to this as well.

Common Powers

Aura Control: [1 Mana/Hour] Individual non-sentient, non-artifact empowered occult items within the aura possessed and Attuned to the character can have their own magical auras hidden/suppressed.

The Mind Above: [2 Mana] Serves as uninterruptible Concentration applied to a single effect upon themselves which requires Concentration that lasts as long as the effect. They must still concentrate, but never make checks while it is in effect. Additionally, it counts as Concentration for one additional effect of the character’s choice that has an effect on a target that stays within the aura.

Protective Field: [4 Mana] The character reacts to an incoming attack, using their aura to defend against it, and putting in place a longer lasting protection. For an additional 1 Mana, the character can set a trigger so the field engages without having to actively react to it.

D20 Aura of Ascendancy

COST/REQ: The common cost, sacrifice 1 HP permanently, sacrifice 3 Mana permanently.

Aura Control: Accomplished with Arcanist Magic Aura.

Protective Field Effect: Using their Reaction, the character immediately generates the equivalent effects of a False Life spell (full effect) and the equivalent of the Mage Armor spell at the end of the round. The first effect lasts until damage removes them or the second is dispelled or ends. If the extra energy was paid to set a trigger, the triggering circumstances must be defined. The character does not have to use their Reaction to engage it. It lasts until a Short Rest.

Aegis Enhancement

[4 Mana] As a Reaction, move their Aegis effects onto any willing ally within the aura – only the character can trigger its protective powers using their Reaction to do so each time. While the Aegis is up and protecting the owner only, any attack from within the aura will do retaliatory damage equal to the maximum value of the base dice of the incoming attack (i.e. if it does 3D8, it would do 8 damage) – the damage type is Force, and can be resisted using the character’s Spell Save DC +4 vs. Constitution for half damage.

Incarna Core Aura of

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