A character’s Aura is the outward display of the nature of their Essence, Presence, and what is allotted or bound to. Basic aura’s reflect fundamental elements of archetypes the subject identifies with and associated Aptitudes they possess. Aura can also be manipulated by Aura Stench and can be corrupted. Most things about an aura can be perceived with Aura Sight. Aura Expressions are forms of perceiving or manifesting them.

Aura Marks

Aura also shows Marks of Impact upon the soul/Essence reflective of base and magnanimous drives or somewhere in between on the spectrum. Performing exceptional acts that leave deep marks in The Pattern will reflect as a aura mark upon a subject.

Item Auras

An item with an Aura (Essence) will likely have an Affixed Aptitude that specifies the type required to use it and powers it has. Affixing an aptitude requires 4 talent in apt to be affixed.

Aura Features