Chaos Creed

The Chaos Creed is expressed as mayhem, bedlam, and disruption are the means of uncovering truly new and invigorating experiences. Laws are generally confining and restrict personal expression; unique expression is the only greater ideal that sentient creatures have above the plants and beasts. Powerful entities or powers can inflict Marks of Impact – a Taint upon the Aura of the target – that reflect the fundamental Creeds.

Core Manifestation: Chaos is change; usually not an ordered progression – when it is imposed it is random, forced, and without regard to much context. Those who venerate it seek not control but a from of power through the ability to foil others and probability manipulation. They find predictable, monotonous order a droning nightmare where possibilities continue to get more limited, and power concentrated. Chaos by its nature cannot seek to control – but more to deregulate and let all things seek every opportunity and expression. Order can be found in chaos, its something to also be used to demonstrate the idea of access to all possibilities. Those of this view will almost never be likely to give their Sworn Word except as a blatant lie. Any pledge or bond is transient and repeatedly expedient at best.

  • Do as you want.

Formal creeds serve to challenge players and delineate circumstances which may warrant extra rewards (such as Character Weaves) for their game-play. Converse to rewards, to not act upon the precepts of a sworn credo is an act of defined Transgression and may require Atonement.



This creed can also be embodied non-corporeally as a Umbragen of Get Incarna news via our Facebook site!, in the Glooming Bond, or in a Murkenshade.

The Code of Chaos

Perspective: Philosophically there are a lot of avenues to explore, as well as divine omniscience impact, probability shifts, random paradox, and ultimately chaos powers are one way to fight the power of the void because it offers those possibilities – but beware it will transform you, warp you, bend you and you may soon not been your own self – though possess the power needed to fight creatures from dream, shadow and the void on an equal if not powerful position… chaos would be feared by all other aspects of the pattern because it seeks to un-weave The Pattern, make a new one, or have totally unforeseen consequences. Followers of the path of chaos will willingly afflict themselves with a chaos feature.

Associated Vows

The types of Vows those of the creed are likely to make:

Powers of Chaos

Powers which affect changes in probability, unpredictability, randomness, opportunity, chance, unfulfilled potential, confusion, and change.