Act of Atonement

Atonement is the process by which a set of bonded essences restores the trust and ties of the Attunement between each of them when one of them has Transgressed against the other. Divine items generally accomplish this through a Rite of Attonement. When the compact of the bond has been broken, the ties of the bond begin to disappear. A character not receiving Atonement by the end of a Long Rest will lose 1 measure of Attunement; Once Minor Attunement is lost, the item is treated as if it were no longer bonded in any way. At this point, Atonement can only restore 1 measure of Attunement, further degrees of Attunement require the sacrifice of additional Essence.

Individual compacts of a bond, and properties of an Attuned item may have specific details that override these general principles.

Self Atonement

If it is allowed, Proscribed acts or courses of actions to cleanse the damaged ego of the self failure; It may simply be an amount of time in which the character is considered disconnected from others of the community of shared beliefs.