Entrophy (Ooze – Essence of Chaos)

Names Known By: Enthropy; negates Equitus and its effects.

Entrophy is a strange substance, sometimes it appears as a full liquid, sometimes as an ooze or gel. It can even be hardened into a strange stone. Contained within it, is the essence of raw chaos, of infinite potential and possibilities, a writhing mass of chaotic colors and scents. Its taste is full of an entire spectrum. It can be potent or weak. Regardless of all other attributes, one thing is for certain – it is very dangerous. It is a manifestation of the raw transformative, warping power of pure Chaos. With the right tools and knowledge, it can be ‘worked’ – fashioned into thing or some effect. It represents all potentials. It can be worked using any of the aptitude powers, but responds best to powerful psychics.


It can be made to from the effects of either occult, divine, or any other aptitude based power. It can transform the essence as well as the physical properties of attributes. Efforts to work this material typically end in horrible death. Its known as a source and enhancer for The Deeping.

“The poison was the cure” – just as it may afflict, so can chaos cure. Using Entrophy to remove chaos features or effects takes an imposition of order to target the issue to be resolved. The character must possess the following capabilities: Meditation, Empathy, and Aura Sight. Using a mirror, they try to control their Aura to effect a change – first feeling, then perceiving the change they want to be. Entrophy can be consumed by a creature with Essence to remove any chaos features. If they have control over the entrophy, they can make a CHA check for each draught consumed. On success, they can remove a single chaos feature, taint, or affliction. If they fail, future attempts to remove the target issue suffer a -4 penalty. A critical success indicates 2 target issues are removed. If the consumer has no control, they must spend 20 of some type of energy to activate it (chi, etc.), and make a check. There is a 50% chance that the target issue is removed, and a 50% chance that the effect is intensified.

Pieces of Primaeth can animate, twitch, release power or energy when within 10m of either Entrophy or Equitas. Empowered Sigils can be made using Entrophy.

Any character with Conviction may make a conviction check to resist the effects of Entrophy.

The Process – Example

Any contact with it will cause the contacted are to write and buckle – flesh with tingle and wriggle, looking as if it has a life of its own.

Imbibing the stuff can cause a horrible transformation or alteration of some sort to take place.

If any test is performed, the first test should demonstrate the worst on a lab animal; it should change species.

“Ok, the rat, squeals and flops before your eyes. Its skin writhes like a snake is inside it, trying to break out. You hear the breaking of bones and the rat begins to collapse on itself… blood leaks and forms a pool, vanishing into the mass of fur and flesh. You feel like you are standing in front of a furnace -the whole process releases masses amounts of heat.. Finally, the rat is reborn. A lizard, larger than the rat stares at you balefully where the rat once stood…”

Content here does not have to follow the material put forward here – GM’s are welcome to substitute their own powers and interpretations.

Check Results
1-5 VIT check or the character changes species; PC species/any species/Size stays same?
6-20 VIT check or the character has has 1-10 attributes either shuffled or re-generated

check for 1-10 result; that # time check attributes in order and make a check for each; failure means re-generate. The stronger the attribute is now, the more difficult will be to change.
21-70 Character features change – hair, skin, eyes, body hair, nail color, blood color; 10% chance for each it becomes hereditary
71-80 Part of the character takes the from of another species (arm, leg, head, etc.); 20% chance to grow appendage not had before (tail, horn(s), trunk, tusk, tentacle, etc.)

> primate, lizard, avian, horse, bovine, canine, feline, fish, elephant, ursine, etc.
81-85 Character gains a -1 on some attribute; 20% chance for any offpsring to automatically have this
86-90 Character gains a +1 on some attribute; 20% chance for any offpsring to automatically have this
91-92 Character ages 10-50%
93-94 Character gets younger 10-50%
95-96 Character gains random compulsion
97-98 Character gains a point of aptitude; primary/worst/random/adaptation vs. full gain; 10% chance to pass it on to next generation only
99-100 Character loses a point of aptitude; [as gain]

The Speaking Sphere

Many times, a radiating influence can be felt from large deposits at a long range. This can be a slight Aura Corruption, or it can, if slowly exposed to, provide a greater resistance to the more powerful effects up close.

It creates a sound like metal girders being wrent. Each person hears a slightly different effect to be relayed when describing it to others. Some feel a tingling, some feel a scratch, others feel a sensation like blood running across their skin. Visually, tracers fill the air, and colored tendrils of clouds push over and around, disipating almost instantly. Lightning seems to radiate from their footprints as they walk, sending stinging sensations to those around them. Some taste bitterness or sourness… in short, all manner of strange sensations overload their senses. Voices whisper at the edges of hearing, but seem to be full of gibbering and laughter for the most part.