Empowered Marks (Sigils)

Also known as Pattern Marks. Empowered Marks are a form of Sigilry.

Source Mark: An institution manifests a Sigil, and it is inscribed using both Ritual and Ceremony to an object as a “Source Mark”. An institutional sigil, when imprinted over a personal sigil, binds the institution and individual together. This is usually done to effects a channel of power and/or identity that can be leveraged to trigger and/or enable effects empowered by the sigils. Almost ALL institutions have some form of a magical mark like this. The beneficial effects of a bond between institution and individual marked by Sigilry can only be triggered if the individual is in “Good Standing” with the institution.

It can easily be derived using Entrophy from the efforts of either Occult or Divine, with Kinetic approaches being the weakest. Psychic efforts to create such material typically end in horrible death.


Occult: Magus Mark

Divine: Principal Mark


Psychic: Mind Mark


Common Requirements: Associated Aptitude 1 OR 1 Allotted Essence.

Incarna d20™ Sigil Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: To inscribe a true Empowered Sigil, the cantrips of Prestidigitation or Thaumaturgy, or spells Magic Aura or Glyph of Warding are required.

Source Marks: Most often, members’ names and sigils are inscribed on an object in permanent Illusory Script within 3m of the original Source Mark, binding them to the organization.

Common Benefits of Members in “Good Standing”:

  • Locate Person has 10x the range in trying to locate institution members.
  • Message cantrip can be broadcast to all bound members.
  • Tongues spell can be used to broadcast a message like the Message cantrip.

iCore Sigil Details/Mechanics