Sigilry (Inscription Method)

Sigilry is a minor mystic craft which leverages the power of the inherent bond between a character’s unique symbol within The Pattern and their actual Presence/manifestation. Sigils can be Inscribed using any drawn, painted or similar artistic means. With the right knowledge, they can manifest and channel the senses and power of their owner onto or through the sigil. The simple application of a mark is trivial, it must followed up through some means of empowering it. Such materials, especially those using advanced formulae and spells in the Magic Traditions using inscribed materials often employ Elderune as a cipher for mystic texts.

Creating/Discovering a Sigil

All things have a sigil to represent them. There is no alphabet or script that the sigils are sourced in. It takes some amount of understanding of Mystical ideas to be able to “see” and manifest the sigil associated with themselves; It is not so much “creating” a sigil, as it is discovering the one the iVerse has already to represent them. No two Sigils can be exactly the same. When the owner of Sigil has decided upon its final representation, the “patenting” of it is done as a Ritual (8 hours).

Divine Sigilry

Can ride a Principals sigil and limit effects to those sigils that represent a bond; power only flows to that target sigil.