Inscription Casting

Inscription is the art of creating written items of magic. Their magic is contained in the act of hand-crafting using special imbued tools and materials. These imbued scrolls, tattoos, and spellbooks (especially those using advanced formulae and spells) are magical in nature and have triggerable mystical powers placed upon them. The Magic Traditions using inscribed materials often use Elderune as a cipher for mystic texts. The Casting [method] for manifesting capabilities relies on specific conditions or its manifestation may be delayed, reduced, or take increased effort. Manifesting depends on a state of Encumbrance and impinged movement or activity.

Identifying items through power granted by Inscription is enacted through the Rituals of Knowing as a Low Art, and generally not possible through Inscribed spells (i.e. scroll), but can be done through a ritual of Inscription.

Incarna d20™ Inscription Details/Mechanics

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