Encumbrance (of Items) & Load

Encumbrance Capacity (EC): The maximum Encumbrance you can carry without it affecting your activity.

Encumbrance Levels/Situations



Requirements: No Movement penalty (incl. from Exhaustion), no Armor, no Shield (slung or held), no wielded Weapon in any hand or hanging by lanyard, etc. no limb or head restraint, no sensory/targeting barrier (gloves, helmet, etc.).


Trivial Encumbrance (“Non-Encumbered”)

(Load/Encumbrance < EC) No Movement penalty (incl. from Exhaustion), no Armor, nothing held, no targeting barriers (helmet)/no muffling of sound.

Simple Encumbrance (“Constrained”)

(Load/Encumbrance >= EC) No Movement penalty (incl. from Exhaustion, but not Difficult Terrain), Proficient in Armor worn, one arm free, basic line of sight and hearing unobstructed,

Major Encumbrance (“Encumbered”)

(Load/Encumbrance > EC x2 )

Extraordinary Encumbrance (“Heavily Encumbered”)

(Load/Encumbrance > EC x5 )
Non-proficient with aArmor/Shield/Weapon; senses directly impinged, [normal] Movement reduced (incl. from Exhaustion, but not Difficult Terrain)

Incarna d20™ Encumbrance Details

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Std. d20 Weight Capacity: Encumbered = 5 times your Strength score / Heavily Encumbered = 10 times your Strength score; Size Category determines lift, drag, and carry factors along with Powerful Build = +1 Size Category.
Encumbrance Capacity = CARRY CAPACITY = 2 + Lowest of Strength and Constitution adjustments.

  • Unfettered: SPELL: +1 Spell Attack and Spell Save DC
  • Unencumbered:
  • Trivial:
  • Simple:
  • Major:
  • Extraordinary:

All items they use must match the character’s Size (Factor). If not, worn items cannot be worn effectively at all, held items increase by +1 ENC per category greater. If you do not meet minimum strength or dexterity for an item = +1 encumbrance per condition unmet.

iCore Encumbrance Details