Occulash/Elderune (mystic communication)

Occulash is an ancient language that uses elements of Draconic, Celestial and Feyloise. It is more of a proto-language than a full one, being able to only express language elements to the level of fluency, though it has several abstract words that express high magic concepts in ways that more modern languages do not. It is held, where it is known, as a form of ancient mystical “common tongue” for teaching and expressing advanced magic concepts between species and cultures. Elderune is its written form – a universal symbolic/runic descriptor of mystic communication that incorporates unique hieroglyphs and elements of its base languages written forms. It requires a set of faculties that limits its use to only highly gifted or Higher Order beings. Its nature of inscription and the very act of reading without these faculties often makes translations of the work difficult – prone to unintentional errors and even magical confusion or backlash. Those that are unused to thinking in multiple forms of communication or languages will have a great difficulty in translating or speaking.

This form of communication must be introduced into a setting. Given that most have, at some point in their history, made the inference of one of the species of its foundations, it could be inferred that the knowledge of it would have been introduced and passed on through some means. It is not a language spoken by any culture or race – it is specifically for the use in the mystical arts. Druaeda is a lesser version of Occulash that is predominantly a written with Primitive spoken capability/Conversational literate capability.

Elderune Digital Corruption

The runic and magical nature of Elderune means it is prone to corrupt any digital works that use it as a means of inscribing knowledge.

Occulash/Elderune Mechanics

Incarna d20™ Occulash Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Sanity 11, Intelligence 13, Charisma 8; three other languages that are not derivative of each other.

iCore Occulash Details/Mechanics