The Deepening/The Deeping

The Deepening (also known as “the deeping”) is a corrupted presence that infuses places deep underground. It shuns the light and clean air, and no trace of it will be found within close to the surface. This presence is not individually sentient in the way higher order beings are, but it does react to things as an entity, and is predatory towards sentient beings. In some places it establishes a symbiotic relationship with deep dwellers in its shadow – they draw in more creatures for it to feed on, an in return are unaffected by its embrace. Wherever there is a presence of The Deeping, the heart of it will contain Corrupted Spark that provide a continual source of negative and vicious power of the void. This seems to be a by product of, in many cases, of a vein of Entrophy. Madness, confusion, terror, and lassitude reign in places were The Deeping has found its way in – it feeds on such things to sustain its power.

Effects of The Deeping

Prolonged exposure and births may produce Duathi.

Constant Vertigo = The primary noticeable constant effect is vertigo. Each time it is entered into and each hour inside its effects, the victim must make a DC 10 Sanity check or suffer 1 level of Exhaustion (never more than a single level imposed from the normal vertigo) and -1 Sanity for 1 hour.

  • Haggard Air: Cold and thin, it decreases a living, breathing creatures ability to function. DC 10 Constitution check or suffer 1 level of Exhaustion in addition to any sustained through vertigo.
  • Hyperborean Zephyr: The entire area’s moisture begins to freeze and heat is drained from the air. A DC 12 Constitution check or those in the area of effect take D6/3 magical cold damage.
  • Shadow Clutch: Can only be done if light is present; The shadows of the affected targets become frozen in place. As the caster of the shadow moves away, a thin strand of shadow connects the 2, getting thinner with every step. 10’: DC 20 Perception check to notice; for each 5 feet 1 less DC to notice and for each 10’ after the first the shadow’s owner takes D4/2 (black) Lightning damage (per 10’). Movement is reduced by 5’ per 20’ distant from the shadow; @ zero the victim cannot travel further but can act in place. Apply light directly to the shadow to free it.
  • Overwhelming Vertigo: The Sanity check is a DC 15 and penalty is 2 levels of Exhaustion.

Protections of The Deeping

Protections are often afforded to creatures who make their home on the edges or in the corruption of The Deeping. If such creatures are evil, and lure others into the terror and death of the deep darkness, the corruption may serve more as a barrier than an envelope – to encourage their predation.

  • Stygian Steadiness: The effects buoy the target, granting them Immunity to normal vertigo and Shadow Clutch effects of The Deeping, and a bonus of +5 to any other resistance checks to its effects.

Triggers of Effects

The Deeping will react to certain actions and effects.

Trigger Effect
Deep in The Deeping Overwhelming Vertigo
Blessings (possessed by non-evil follower)
Bless Spell
(by a non-evil follower)
Identify Fails
Locate Object Fails
Movement magics
(involving physical movement)
Purify Air Fails
Sunlight/daylight Darkness

Creatures of The Deeping

Few are “native” to its presence, but there are several unique evolutions of existing species within its depths.

Origins of The Deeping

The Deeping is an effect of specific circumstances. It only happens in places where Godswars have happened, or the essence of a great entity has become corrupted. When a thoroughly evil and corrupt divine being is truly killed, and their blood or equivalent leeches into the earth it takes on a new life, draining the life essence from the earth and water around it, corrupting it. The life form it becomes is like a shadowy remnant of the dead god. As it grows, it feeds on the deaths of those in its shadow, corrupting their essence as their souls transcend. As it grows, it anchors portions of itself with the Corrupted Sparks. These are points to avoid; they manifest as severe psychic disturbances and opened portals to shadow and nightmare realms.