Character Weaves (CWs)

Character Weaves are used to alter their owner’s Weave (inside The Pattern). As a character progresses and experiences life, they gain CWs. For extraordinary participation, excellent role-playing, or long duration campaign it allows the character to influence the outcome of their actions in a significant way. It manifests in ways like a quick prayer, controlled focus-breathing, stretching and flexing, all with steeled reserve and visualizations. It barely registers as a conscious thought. In addition to simple life progress, they may gain insights from traumatic events, spectacular ones, magical ones, be given to them by higher order beings or extracted through animus means. Staying true to their creeds and sworn oaths, and ideals when it was difficult or harmful is the most consistent means of building CWs. CWs only affect the character using them. They are triggered on demand outside of time, right before or in response to the activity they apply to.

INSPIRED = Associated action the Character Weave is applied to is performed with Advantage.

Minor Weaves: No more than 1 CW can be spent.

Major Weaves: No more than 2 CW can be spent.

Significant Weaves: No more than 4 CW can be spent.

    Surging Fate: [1 CW] Near misses become successes.

    Surging Health: [2 CW]

    Surging Life: [1 CW]

    Surging Drive: [1 CW]

    Surging Resolve: [1 CW]

    Surging Vitality: [2 CW]


The GM may give them as a Rewards.
You can exchange Character Points (CP) for Character Weaves (CW).

D20 Character Weaves

Limits on Using: Characters can only use a maximum of their Proficiency Bonus on a single interaction.

  • Surging Fate: [1 CW] The check becomes Inspired OR If a character misses their check by 1 for either a [Simple] or [Major] result, the final [outcome] is treated as if the character added +1 to their check. This is done immediately after the check and all other adjustments have been calculated.
  • Surging Health: [2 CW] A [Wound condition] associated with a damaging effect is removed and treated as if the Wound effects never happened. Normal damage and secondary effects still apply.
  • Surging Life: [1 CW] The characters’ next set of Death saves are Inspired until resolved.
  • Surging Drive: [1 CW] As long as the result was a [Simple], it becomes [Major].
  • Surging Resolve: [1 CW] The character gains immunity to Stunned, Charmed and Frightened Conditions, and any [Sanity] checks are Inspired.
  • Surging Vitality: [2 CW] Relentless Endurance.

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