Odd Happenstance

Many effects may trigger an odd happenstance. This is truly nothing more than a bizarre, out of context event that manifests without any relationship to its context; It is a truly a Chaos driven odd happenstance in the multiverse. This is often an effect of areas which have been touched by Entrophy or some from of chaos effect or feature.

NOTE: Incarna 5 Statistics Currently:

  1. Fried chicken wing (or other food) drops from the sky/above
  2. All in a 5m radius are afflicted with 2 rounds of flatulence
  3. People change color for 3 minutes
  4. All knots become untied in a 10m radius
  5. Everything in 5m becomes soaking wet
  6. A laughing snake is birthed from the floor to laugh hysterically for 3 rounds
  7. For 5 minutes, everyone within 10m has their personal odor amplified by tenfold
  8. All within 20m have the soles of their shoes rot off
  9. A loud rhythmic thumping (like a rave) fills the air in 25m radius for 3 rounds
  10. Loud horns sound for 3AM
  11. A random obscene noise is heard at loud volume to echo for three rounds
  12. A dense fog wall appears 20m x 5m tall; anyone purposefully walking in it itches for 3 rounds (-1 AM); it goes away in 3 rounds as well.
  13. For 1 round everyone in 20m radius hears their mother’s voice berate them
  14. All within a 20m radius take on a cartoon like quality for 2 rounds – during which time they are all immune to damage from other cartoons.
  15. All within 20m radius begin to make obscene bodily noises at an amplified sound for 3 rounds
  16. For 1 round everyone in a 10m radius feels like they have a dog pulling at their clothes and growling (-4 initiative; -1 CS)
  17. A horde of hundreds of rabbits runs through the area, crush little bunnies or you automatically lose initiative every round.
  18. Comic word bubbles appear over everyone’s head instead of the voice coming out for 10 rounds.
  19. Clear bubbles fill the air, each one filled with a different scent when it pops, they persist for 3 rounds.
  20. The sound of gunshots wiz past (with ricochet!) everyone; SAN check each round for 3 rounds or duck for cover.

Additional (major) odd happenstance…

  1. All characters within 20m cry uncontrollably for 5 rounds – taking 2 damage every round; only fatigue if no other actions are performed.
  2. Birds fill the area (bats at night) within 10m radius for 10 rounds; all PER ratings are reduced by 4 (and penalize skills accordingly) for 5 rounds; all ranged attacks into flock suffer -1 RS
  3. All characters within 20m speak in the voice of an animal – braying, tweeting, croaking, etc. for 10 rounds – communication is unintelligible
  4. Every step characters within 10m radius takes creates a loud car-horn sound to accompany it for 10 rounds; communication -2 to be understood, all animals are immediately frightened
  5. Everyone become grey for 1 round; 10 points are drained from all characters energy pools
  6. Every character within 20m has their eyes generate light like a car headlamp for 10 rounds; illumination is increased by 4 levels on whatever the gaze is directed on (possible penalty due to blindness)
  7. All weapons (including natural) within 20m radius do a base 15 damage for 5 rounds, and glow softly
  8. All characters within 20m levitate up and down for 1-10 rounds (even means they land on the ground) to a height twice their from portion – no other distance movement is possible
  9. All items within 20m radius become covered in goo and are slippery to hold for 10 rounds; RCT check initially then each time used
  10. Tribal drum music fills the air within 30m radius for 1 round, and everyone inside it is subject to a random spear (thrown @ 4th level, w/full surprise)
  11. All characters within 20m radius have their clothes swapped with the person nearest to them each round (never duplicated) for 5 rounds; RCT check or lose 1 AM during each round
  12. All characters within 20m radius gain a measure of Good luck; it must be used within 3 rounds
  13. All characters within 20m radius gain a measure of Bad Luck; it must be used within 3 rounds or take SF x 8 damage
  14. All characters within 20m radius have a red arrow pointing to their left over their head; for 3 rounds all successful attacks strike with +1 quality and effect the person closest to the left of the intended target
  15. All Sparks within 30m radius flare and attempt to destroy any nearby opposites
  16. All characters within 10m radius must pay half their essence or their energy pools are all reduced to zero. If they do not, they suffer 1 measure of exhaustion for 1 day (this CANNOT be countered in any way)
  17. All devices within 20m radius short out; if a character possess no electrical device, they suffer their SF x 8 electrical damage, and must make a RCT check for all items held or drop them, then a RCT check to see if they fall down themselves
  18. For the next 5 rounds, all character within 20m have their maximum AM available per round reduced to their SAN (if this goes above 6, so be it)
  19. All characters within 20m are healed completely as smooth jazz plays for 5 rounds; if effected characters have more Health at the end of 5 rounds than when they are started, their Health is reduced to zero
  20. Laser beams fill a 30m radius area for 3 rounds; each melee action requires a RCT check or the character takes 5 – RCT check RC x 4 damage