Evil Creed

Formal creeds serve to challenge players and delineate circumstances which may warrant extra rewards (such as Character Weaves) for their game-play. Converse to rewards, to not act upon the precepts of a sworn credo is an act of defined Transgression and may require Atonement. Powerful entities or powers can inflict Marks of Impact – a Taint upon the Aura of the target – that reflect the fundamental Creeds.



This creed can also be embodied non-corporeally as a Umbragen of Get Incarna news via our Facebook site!, in the Glooming Bond, or in a Murkenshade.

The Code of Evil and Vileness

This reflects an aspect of the negative creeds. Generally, this make it impossible to follow any precepts of the positive ones: Benevolent, Good, or Virtuous.

Associated Vows

The types of Vows those of the creed are likely to make:

Powers of Evil

Powers which dominate others, spread fear and terror, maximize the negative, reduce the capability of others