Benevolent Creed

The character is just plain nice. These precepts MUST be acted upon to claim this – for without action, the sentiment is nothing. To not act upon the precepts is an act of defined Transgression and may require Atonement. Powerful entities or powers can inflict Marks of Impact – a Taint upon the Aura of the target – that reflect the fundamental Creeds.

  • Courtesy: It costs nothing, always be courteous.
  • Empathy: Nobody and nothing deserves to be in pain or cold, try and alleviate such when encountered.
  • Generous: Nobody and nothing deserves to be hungry or forced into undignified shoddiness, try and alleviate such when encountered.
  • Charitable: Demonstrate dedication the proper and noble causes even when its not possible to be an immediate role-model; give 10% of your income to causes that uplift and help all.
  • Dignified: Everyone everywhere should be assumed to deserve dignity and respect and accorded an experience which reflects that – be an example of mature, positive interactions.

Associated Vows

The types of Vows those of the creed are likely to make: