Faey Sight

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Faey Sight is a type of Aura Sight. It is possessed by any Faerie races, and some half-breeds with faerie blood as well. The possessor is able to shift their focus in order to see the influence of the faerie DreamwyldAelfpaths, Faeywyld (Fey Wild).

  • Influence Sight: Effects that have been imposed on a target from the Wylds. It cannot detect the specific nature/effect, just its presence.
  • Laey Sight: A vague sense of the presence and path of Laey Lines and Aelfpaths.
  • Door Sight: The ability to see gates and doorways to the Dreamwyld and Faeywyld.
  • World Sight: In places of overlap and trransition with the Dreamwyld and Faeywyld, a short distance (20m) can be observed from their current position.

Incarna d20™ Faey Sight Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.
  • Influence Sight: DC 20
  • Laey Sight: DC 15
  • Door Sight: DC 10
  • World Sight: DC 25

iCore Faey Sight Details/Mechanics