Dreamwyld – The Dream Realms

The Dreamwyld is also known as the “Dreamlands”, “Brightlands”, “Realm of Radiance”, etc. – it is a place made of the stuff of dreams and reckless positivity. At times serene, at other times filled with wild abandon, it can be a dangerous place for those who do not understand its ways. Its inhabitants, the Umbragen, are referred to as Luminous Motes (possessed of a Luminous Presence). The Aelfpaths were woven from the dream fabric of The Pattern.

Aetheral Adventures

Manifestations of Dream Creatures


A tree-like creature.


A translucent, manta-ray type creature at home in the air or in the sea.


A large moray eel type creature, made of vapor and mist.


Horse-like six legged creature, with long necks.


Bear-like lizard which swims in lava flows and moves through fire.


A long rat-like creature with burrows through the earth and stone.


A whispy, otter-like creature which haunts lightning storms and plasma sources.


the Dreamscape is a place of dreams, outside of physical time. The experiences the characters have in the Dreamscape are real, but only reflect waking life in a substantially weakened way; death is merely mental trauma, and wounds may leave faint scars but little else.

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