Umbragen of Dreamlands – Luminous Motes

Reflects the Code of Conduct for Virtue. Their simple and transient nature makes them difficult to control or direct though.

Dreamwyld – The Dream Realms

One of the most basic denizens of the Dreamlands, it is an Animus of ideal. It has an Essence of 1, a Radiant Spark, and a Luminous Presence. It embodies the best of options – a Virtuous code. Generally speaking, they are passive, simple creatures. They have no need for sustenance of any normal sort; they are sustained through emotions and actions associated with fantasy, imagination, creativity, altruism, mystery, innocence, and selflessness. Motes have the unique property of Quintessence – its being can be merged with that of another. The presence of the Mote is subsumed by the merger, and it imprints its powers and credo upon the other. They use a form of Oiflalha to communicate.

Lesser Motes

Incarna d20™ Luminous Mote Details

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

A Luminous Mote Can be summoned with a 3rd level Fey Spirit (See Tasha’s p.112) as a Ritualized spell, but cannot be summoned by anyone with an Evil Alignment or similar Code of Conduct or Creed. It is considered a 5th level spell caster in assessing its effects (DC 13/+5), with a casting modifier of +2. Unless noted, the following powers can be used 1/Short Rest: (concentration cannot be broke)

Lesser Mote’s Powers

  • Awe Those Present: Calm Emotions
  • Light the Way: Dancing Lights
  • Comfort the Hurt: Cure Wounds
  • Insight of the Creative: Enhance Ability
  • Opportunity of the Bold: Warding Bond
  • Road of the Unyielding: Longstrider
  • Clasp of the Energized: Minor Restoration

iCore Luminous Motes Details