Virtuous Creed

Formal creeds serve to challenge players and delineate circumstances which may warrant extra rewards (such as Character Weaves) for their game-play. Converse to rewards, to not act upon the precepts of a sworn credo is an act of defined Transgression and may require Atonement. Powerful entities or powers can inflict Marks of Impact – a Taint upon the Aura of the target – that reflect the fundamental Creeds.

Virtuous entities enjoy the sharing fun, the bond of trust, feelings of appreciation, value, and esteem. To not act upon these precepts is an act of defined Transgression and may require Atonement. They understand the value of community and friendship and act with magnanimity to encourage and protect both. Such actions are pleasing to virtuous entities and like all beings, virtuous ones will have those they especially hate for whatever reason and focusing their activities to protect against them will bring great satisfaction. Their aims and goals are almost always beneficial to those close to them, and behavior will range from outright love and devotion to quiet vigilance. Those of this view are much more likely to give their sworn word. Virtuous glory is reveling in teamwork and reciprocity.


[Physical] Virtuousness is manifested and symbolized by light grey clouds, sun, and a feeling of rising or growing (or equivalent cultural and environmental expression for the setting). Luminous Mote

The Code of Virtue

  • Always look for a peaceful solution to conflict before clashing with others – the path forward will be unstable if bought violence.
  • Be a role-model to which all others should aspire; We must all be responsible for our actions and the conditions they create.
  • Distrust is the root of pain; it is better to be betrayed by a friend that suspect them.
  • Experience and wisdom are to be shared with the community and built upon to make greater opportunities for all.
  • Friendship is its own reward; it is the fulcrum upon which we are inspired to new heights.
  • Lies invalidate effort and progress; a part of the world dies when a lie is told and the future is poorer for it.
  • Never take delight in the death or torture of others – you only invite such upon yourself when you do so.
  • The ends do not justify the means; principle is virtue and is hollow if achieving it violates its nature – compromise is the path of weakness.
  • There is a duty to the larger ideal of community – gains and stability must be for the group’s good, not the individual.

Associated Vows

The types of Vows those of the creed are likely to make:

Angels are virtuous entities. The ephemeral Dreamlands embody the precepts of virtue.

Powers of Virtue

Powers which promote community, safety, stability, law, hope, contentment and harmony, provide help/assistance, speak language/make friends/understanding.