Mana Reservoir (Occult Anima)

The character gains a Well (and supplementary Pool) of Anima associated with divine energy called Mana. This energy is also used to make and/or trigger Occult Empowered Items and Places. The reservoir can suffer Mana Corruption from several external sources. The act of manifesting specific Occult Power/Capability using Synergy (see hereafter) is referred to as Casting.

Learning: In addition to other requirements, the entity acquiring it must find some way to learn to do so; The Anima Reservoir’s have a standard means of doing this. Natural [Aptitude] Talents automatically gain this Feature if they have Occult Talent.

D20 Mana Pool Mechanics

COST/REQ: 1 [contentblock id=essence1] or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger; Channeler: 1 Essence

Return Rate: 1/Short Rest, All/Long Rest, enhanced by Meditation

A character may empower a casting to substitute for the Pervasive/Common materials (1% Cost Portion) or increase the material empowerment by 1 + a [related Aptitude]. Example: A character without any materials or Mystic Focus Point Item may use 1 anima {Mana} to substitute or increase the material empowerment to the Uncommon (10% Cost Portion). If they have {Occult} Aptitude, they may increase the material empowerment 1 level for each point of Anima (maximum 5 {Mana} for level of Cost Portion).

Starting, Gaining, and Losing Mana

Channeling: Whenever the character Releases Potential, they gain an extra 1, 2 if done during Actuated Awareness.


  • Character Creation:
    • Initial Essence: Proficiency Bonus + 1 Point per Occult Aptitude
    • Test: DC 10 generic check (+ Proficiency Bonus) = 1 Point (adds 10% to starting age, character may become Hardened)
  • Gaining:

  • Releasing Potential: 1 Essence = 1 Point per Occult Aptitude (min. 1); If spent during a moment of Actuated Awareness, increase by 1.
  • Reward: A direct Reward granted by the Game Master based on unusual circumstances or particularly adroit actions. This may be related to personal or institutional service.
  • Losing:

  • Essence:
  • iCore Feature Mechanics

    COST/REQ: -5 CP or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger.
    Type: Occult