Animism is the expression of Essence into its component Sparks elements that can manifest as a kindred presence to their nature (not necessarily a physical/material form). The Essence of things are manifested through the power of the Dream Sparks tied to the Dreamwild of creation and life and such a bond can be leveraged to protect and serve; Everything with Essence has animist potential. Anima itself is the expression of animist will. Anima is the opposite side of Lovigdril. All things are part of grand The Pattern – nothing exists truly “of itself”. A “thing” is infused with the fundamental Essence of the concept of that “thing”, and will always seek to retain or return to the properties which makes it such, using anima reservoirs to power this effort if possible.

Animism Advantages:

Animism Disadvantages:

Anima and the Divine

Finding faith is a journey. Most divinity have a very clear outlook, a clear portfolio of powers, and a set of tenets, motivations and values which lesser order beings will bond with to share in the advancement of them. Such divinities often do not divide their power and dilute their goals and tenets with the more vague and general ones of animism. Animists are not organized into institutions or hierarchy unlike followers… connection is truly unique and personal to the source of their animist fount. Animist are not necessarily solitary, but they are not compelled to “preach” (proselytize) or convert others necessarily – they exemplify their credo. Animists can and do often try and teach – but not to serve themselves or even their faith, and certainly only through intense personal tutorial to help the student enlighten themselves… each person must find their own path to the spark. Does this mean related followers or institutions won’t assist the animist? No. While in most cases, a divinity does not support a organized cadre of animists and followers, animists are considered part of the “flock”, in harmony with others of the divinity and worthy of support or succor if it can be provided.

Anima Powers

Anima powers most closely resemble those of the Warlock. They rely on [contentblock id=essence1], Charisma, and Sanity. There is a distinct emphasis on ceremony and ritual to enhance the powers gained, due to the alien thought processes required that inhibit them normally.


Finding the Spark: Signs, Omens, Astrology



An Animus is a concentrated manifestation of of anima – when The Pattern takes on a will of its own – a sentience and sense of self. It is most often localized, and has a limited range of movement and sensing.

Communicating: This requires either a Personal Spark or some form of greater tie to the land such as a Faerie’s Flora Bound trait and spending [contentblock id=essence1] or possessing a Soul Gem.

Animus Creatures: They often take on the shape of powerful Dream Creatures.

The World Tree: Also called the All-Tree, these are special forms of animus for material worlds where great natural beauty and or Anima Founts exists. they commonly take the dream-shape of a Forrestal, most even refer to it as such. All-Tree’s are nearly immortal, and possess the memory of everything that has happened in its domain (sometimes the whole world), and the births, experience, and deaths of all living things nearby. As such, they are greats founts of knowledge if a way can be found to communicate with it.
An exchange of [contentblock id=essence1] may be accomplished as a Bond, but it requires a Soul Gem or something similar. If bonded in this manner, and bond with another Greater Animus requires an additional [contentblock id=essence1]. It is unique, but considered a Greater Animus.

  • Seeker: A single question may be asked of the tree for the exchange of ; Consider the All-Tree to have a skill in History of +15 – any event/person may be queried and any knowledge that was not blocked from divination may be envisioned as the answer. The character has a single action they may perform in response to this knowledge/vision, then must make a CON check of DC 15 or forget it forever.
  • Draw Upon Nature: The bonded character may use the Druid Craft cantrip at will.
  • Nature’s Shield: the bonded character is resistant to any natural poisons or toxins.
  • Nature’s Roots: When on the material plane of the All-Tree, the bonded character’s Spell DC is +1 (for any Druid or Cleric Life or Nature domains).
  • Nature’s Lore: The bonded character gains +1 on their Lore of Botany.
  • Greater Animus

    Lesser Animus

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