Anima Objects (vessel, receptacle)

Anima Objects are Mystical Items that hold Anima Energy in some way.

Anima Vessels

A Well of associated Anima Energy that replenishes every day on its own accord. Each day, typically after a Short Rest or equivalent, the full amount of the Well is replenished.

Anima Receptacles

A Pool of associated Anima Energy that the wielder must refill. The wielder can, essentially, fill the receptacle by 1 per day, temporarily draining their own reserve until the receptacle is full, at which point their anima begins to return at a normal rate. For example: An object that is a Mana Receptacle 5 can be charged with 5 Mana by the wielder. One per day can be added until 5 days have passed, at which point the wielder is down 5 Mana which returns at their normal rate that point.