Sparks are a the primal and fundamental blocks which comprise reality and cosmology, the fabric of threads within the unending weave of The Pattern. Each has a manifestation of and source of power for their ideal in Spark Realms/Elemental Realms. They are the mystic equivalent and akin to particle physics – a means of expression, sentience, and power. They are mixed and combined in ways to form the Essence which then manifests as a presence and physical form.

  • Rank 1: Least
  • Rank 2: Lesser
  • Rank 3: Greater
  • Rank 4: Superior
  • Rank 5: Mighty

Mighty presences are an order of magnitude rarely seen. They are unique, named, and cannot normally be summoned or controlled through the regular means; in many settings the most powerful are worshiped or venerated as a Principal demiurge.

When combined with knowledge, bound by anima energy (mana, etc.), and a perception based on aptitude, they form the underlying basis of magical powers. Summoners can bind it to their will, and then can then tap into their powers. All singular sparks are ideal and encompassing expressions themselves, and while most are abstract ideas which can be tapped from within oneself through perception and control of threads within The Pattern. They also manifest as an embodiment – a reflection of their nature and function. Directly manipulating Sparks is like channeling a typhoon – you can do incredible things, but it is very dangerous. Sparks are grouped into similar entities with roughly the same capability or impact [when controlled]. These components ultimately control every way in which the subject interacts with everything. They have no physical form or direct manifestation in and of themselves, but tie everything back to the Aether.

Unique Sparks: Res Draconis – the Essence of the draconic kind is unending.

Corrupted Spark: A spark that is decaying, volatile, and inimical to any who would control it. They cannot be summoned or conjured – they are found in places where The Pattern has suffered repeated sundering.

Spark Bonds

Binding: In order to gain familiarity with spark power, a character must follow a defined process. Familiarity always requires a bonding of pledged essence equal to the Rank level of the spark. Sparks have essence equal to their Rank Level +1, + the pledged essence the summoner gives it; if ever a spark has its essence reduced to zero, its power is gone and it fades back into the Pattern.


Spark Types

Air Spark

Bound Spark Powers: Faculties

All Spark

Earth Spark

Bound Spark Powers: Faculties

Fire Spark

Bound Spark Powers: Faculties

Lightning Spark

Bound Spark Powers: Faculties

Water Spark

Bound Spark Powers: Faculties

Mystic Transference

This is the ability to use [contentblock id=essence1] to imbue a target with the ability to use a spell. Normally, only the mystic using the ability can transfer spell knowledge to a willing target, and only to constructs such as Golems, Homunculus, etc.

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