The Void

If reality IS – made of particles, based on energy, obeying known laws – Void is what is not. Void is the negation of reality. It is the collapse of any possibility into nothingness. The energy of animations and undead and the fearsome Lovigdrilin creatures who negate life forces of reality are based on their connection to the void. The stuff of the Void is tied directly to the primeval forces notions of evil and malicious – which destroy achievement and aspiration. Any interaction with of denizens and the environment there will generally reflect those principles. It is not some from of opposite energy or other quantifiable construct. It does not necessarily conform to any laws logically understood. Its very conception eludes strict qualifying elements. Its very nature is defined by something so nebulous and incomprehensible that to describe or label it appropriately is impossible. The measure of a target’s connection to the void is measured as Void Aptitude.

Void is the power of negation, and it represents the power of all that is without identity, nameless, without from or stability or even meaning. If a thing’s essence is tied to the void, it is tied wherever they may go. Such a connection grants those affected with the unnatural power to warp the stable laws of reality around them. Even the effects of The Void are not consistent. Such a creature so empowered continues to fight for its sanity, the crushing weight of an antithetical existence all around them. The power of the Void flows and shifts, at times vitalizing that portion of a creature connected with it to survive, and other times able to be used like a weapon – a violent, aggravating force to be hurled against the normal probability/continuum.

Summonings: Material creatures summoned in some manner to another sphere or dimension will by default have a Bound Shell to their form. Their Essence and the corporeal body is brought forth as an exact reflection (containing its full powers), taken from a place governed by a High Order being that has actual Infernal or Celestial Dominion. When their material manifestation is ended or upon death, the form remains and is subject to the natural processes of decay or dissolution – though often these bound remains are imbued with the equivalent of Colossi Form Properties within different dimensions and spheres; The typical remains of these creatures, like Primaeth, can be used in a variety of mystical fashioning’s and research, including basic formulae components. Adding The Form Beyond to a summoning reduces the energy required for it, as there is no persistence in it ending in the realm into which they were summoned. It does slightly reduce the power of The Void in cases where such creatures draw power from it, or from the Paradox powers of Distant Dimension.


A Twisting is when the relentless negation of the void’s power is imposed on a material reality and the nature of The Pattern is twisted as a result. The physical nature of reality is typically altered to reflect the twisted version of an object or place changed in such a way.