At the center of everything is the formless, timeless Aether, from which flows every idea, thought, object, form, or construct – known or not – in any given setting. The Aether is a places were possibility, difficulty, meaning and memory are uncertain and transient. These are the borders, strands, and passages that wrap around existence and the source of all threads of the weave in The Pattern. Its power is the transition from potential and the possible becomes what is or may be real. This non-place is more of an experience than destination. It is the heart of mysticism and whatever it is that puts a wonder upon whatever it touches, and cannot itself be described.

All those traveling between through the planes do so through the limitless potential and power of this of The Aether to sustain a ‘bridge’ between them.


Of of the way of touching the aether is through an Aether Well – a single point where a multitude of souls and spirits has passed through over eons, though has remain unchanged by the living.

The heart and soul of the “iVerse”.

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