Free Memories

Not “real memories“. They are generated from the endless, boundless possibilities of the Aether. Free memories exist through the continuum in different forms – always mingled with and powered by the Aether, mostly manifesting naturally in Aether Wells.

Accessing Free Memories

Free memories can be grasped and experienced by a character as a “Seeker” if they possess the right faculties or circumstance allow it.

  • Find 1 spirit and converse with them (3 questions as per Speak with Dead (i.e. 3 yes/no answers – if the spirit is not friendly, they get a resistance check here though + you can make a persuade check on friendly spirits to get more than a yes/no answer

    If a Seeker persuades them, the spirit may be able to grant/teach a level 1 lore in something the character does not possess. SAN check or the Seeker gains Nightmares for a year as well, when they return to their natural surroundings.

  • Innocence:
  • Wisdom:
  • Friendly:
  • Harmful:
  • Cunning insights
  • Defender/protector insights
  • Soldier insights
  • Elder insights
  • Resourceful insights
  • Scholar insights
  • Anger and victimization: SAN check or lose 1 level of skill (random)