Lores (Knowledge)

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Lore is essentially a scope or familiarity with the specific subject that affects skills, traits, features, and powers that are related to it. It is pure knowledge and contextual (Lore: Nanotechnology will span its use in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry – though give little in the way of direct applied science knowledge of those [skills]), it does not benefit from being clever or smart. It does not expand or improve significantly over time with life experience – more focused study can improve it. Lores are specific and additive to other capabilities, typically gained through formal education or focused study. The information gained is Vertical Knowledge – Lores themselves get no bonuses of any kind. The Obsessive Student feature grants a deep uptake on Lores. The Lore Knowledge Levels follow the standard Learning levels.

Scope: Knowledge represented by Lores has a scope of what a particular context (setting and experience) has the potential of exposing the possessor to. A character may not be able to apply their full lore once they are taken to a different world, with different species and cultures (or even physics).

Common Requirements

  • Significant time to acquire/achieve outside of Character Inception.
  • Advanced concepts that leverage this knowledge require progressively more advanced communication skills; This Requires Study + A Measure of Understanding = Lore level.

Gaining Lores from Game Immersion

SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE: Reference works and basic exposure alone may only provide the foundation for gaining a [mechanics based] advantage. To reflect the practice and experience to gain that benefit consistently, typically requires a cost in Character Points.

Rudimentary Apprehension: They reflect a very small bit of knowledge of a particular subject detail, person, a particular time and/or a particular place. These are often acquired through casual in-game experience as Rewards. The Game Master, Setting, and/or story elements will determine what is relevant and/or appropriate.


D20 Lore Levels

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

COST/REQ: Must be experience and/or study. CP cost = the bonus granted;

The bonus is usually used as part of a Intelligence (History) check that relates to specifics of the knowledge.

Incarna iCore Lore Levels

Having trouble thinking how this might play out after reading this? Check out the Players Roleplaying Guidance or ask the Game Master how it is best expressed in the setting.

Lesser Lores/Examples

These are generally self explanatory and do not require in depth explanation.

The building of a body of knowledge, a Lore, is generally logical and structured (epistemological approach) but also filtered through the understanding and perspectives bound to the current time/place. The limits of technology, other foundational bodies, religion and social custom can fill it with misapprehensions through specific interpretations and implementations by institutions, mentors, and teachers that are in turn part of an education/curriculum.