Hale, Health, Damage, and Healing

Hale” is a state of complete rest – no damage, no Wounds, no Exhaustion and no Illness or Disease and has not permanently lost any Aptitude, Attribute or Movement recently.

Damage Measures

Fatigue Damage: Fatigue damage is light stress and strain. If it drops a character below 1, they become unconscious – it cannot kill.

Hard Damage: Hard damage is damage that does not heal at normal rates. Very few effects produce Hard Damage.

Physical Damage:

Healing Measures

Curatives and Healing can come in many forms. The most natural is rest and care; using the body’s natural regeneration. Otherwise, there are skills combined with anatomical and physiological knowledge, natural materials, as well as various manufactured materials manufactured materials which either enhance regeneration, skills or are advanced enough to simply take their place. Natural substances can also have a toxic or other effect on a body.

COST: The cost (assessed as a cost portion) is for someone with the skill to perform it using the right space, time, and materials. Generally, the cost to simply purchase such things to use without the skill (if possible) is one cost portion greater.

TIME: The time it takes to make materials to accomplish the effect is noted as a percent of a normal Rest Cycle.

D20 Damage and Healing Mechanics

  • The aptitude, attribute, movement loss cannot be within a Long Rest
  • Unless noted, it is completely healed after a Short or Long Rest.
  • Hard Damage: Hard damage heals at the rate of 1 per Long Rest.

iCore Damage and Healing Mechanics