Principal (Divine Entity/Voice of Authority)

A Divine Principal is the higher order deity/entity/patron or empowered animus (as spirit or creature) that the Follower is bonded/dedicated to through the Rite of Dedicated Grace. This is regarded as the wellspring and incarnation of the Tenets and actively works toward them through the worship/veneration of followers using Shared Litany and Abiding Litany. These type beings exist out of time for the most part. The bond with the Principal acts as a Higher Order conduit that is the interface point to The Pattern that channels power and perception to the community of faithful.

Principal Endeavor

The effort of manifesting divine power is provided mainly by the Divine Principal and guided with Divine Intent through Conviction. The source of the power is not tied to the time, place and conditions of its manifestation and the power from this makes the endeavor difficult to stop or interrupt.

Principal Dominion A divine Principal’s full power is most often limited to what they claim as their domain (the area their power is greatest in). It is the Conviction generated in this domain that they claim dominion over and concentrates and amplifies their power. The greater the Conviction and recognition, the greater the Principal Endeavor is within a power manifested.

Major and Minor Divine Principals

Generally a character can only possess the benefits of a single Major (elevated above all others), and a number of Minor Principals equal to their Divine Aptitude or Synergy Pool/10 (or a minimum of 1; whichever is greatest). Each entity has its own set of Prime/Principal Pools tied to it. These are measures that ties a Follower to a specific Principal. The measures is granted by and can only be recognized by that specific Principal. Some measures may only be used in service to the Principal they are associated with, depending on the Follower status of the one possessing the pools.

  1. Blessings
  2. Conviction
  3. Elan

Entity Divine Aspects

An Aspect is a label that represents an ideal, manifestation, type, or kind of place or force in the Multiverse. All Principals and most Prime Entities represent or are associated with one or more Aspects. This relationship between entity and aspect defines the types of powers the entity is able to control and to a certain extent, pass on to Followers. Aspects are not [generally] explicitly unique to Principles. Each entity has many orders, cults, and institutions which each focus on different aspects of the deity in the life of followers and the world at large. Ex: One Aspect of Thor is thunder.

Collective Divine Aspect

Principals do not have to have a singular defined domain of related ideals, power, and causes that they represent. They may be known for, and have extra powers with one type of power, but in general reflect a collective Aspect. This is where a group of Prime Entities are part of a compact and together, collectively represent a set of aspects or ideals. This is typically a Unified Pantheon.

Serving/Service to the Entity

Elan Building: This particular activity, along with Mystic Offerings to or time serving a Prime Entities, Time in Service to Prime Institutions or Entities, acquiring knowledge and experience arduously and over great amounts of game time (beyond Character Inception), Acts altering the outcome of great conflicts or the lives of many in general, and enhancing capabilities to an epic level can all build Elan.