Mystic Offerings

Traditions of patron, inspiration = yes

An Offering takes a material object or Essence directly, and sends its inherent anima energy to a target through some Ceremony or Ritual. An offering returns that which is offered up back to the Aether. The object(s) are sacrificed permanently. They cannot be brought back, they are gone forever. The character tied to the offering has their Essence situated in The Pattern ever so slightly more. It is as if their own Essence casts a shadow in the Weave where the offered material once was. The target of the Offering is typically some patron or principal which is tied to the offerer.

Common Mystical Offerings

  • Trivial: A trivial offering is purely symbolic. Sometimes this is required in order to maintain Good Standing and the ability to make greater offerings. Ex: Throw a penny into a river when crossing over it to appease the goddess of water.
  • Average:
  • Major:
  • Extraordinary:

Incarna d20™ Mystic Offerings Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Occult Aptitude 1 OR 3 [Occult] Allotted Essence.

iCore Mystic Offerings Details/Mechanics

Universal Offerings

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