Blood and Souls Offerings

For a Blood and Souls Offerings, the character ritually kills a victim in a manner prescribed by their Patron or Divine Principle. The victim must be significant, generally sentient, opposed to the Patron (by deed, alignment, position, or type of creature) and killed during the process. The benefits gained vanish after a relatively brief period of time. Generally a character can only possess the benefits of a single major, and a number of minor equal to their Sanity or Charisma adjustment (whichever is higher; minimum of 1).

The Blood Magic tradition provides for a means to enable a Blood Oath between a Fiendish entity and Divine Principle to support a Compact of Dark Shelter. The cementing of the compact is always done through a offering of Blood and Souls. The breaking of the compact triggers a violent and harsh Transgression.

Adventure Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for the Game Master to use character Features as part of an Adventure.


Goes away after a Long Rest for a major sacrifice, a Short Rest for a minor one.

Incarna Core

Elan Building: This particular activity, along with Mystic Offerings to or time serving a Prime Entities, Time in Service to Prime Institutions or Entities, acquiring knowledge and experience arduously and over great amounts of game time (beyond Character Inception), Acts altering the outcome of great conflicts or the lives of many in general, and enhancing capabilities to an epic level can all build Elan.