Abiding Litany (Follower of Faith)


A pledge of observing the Abiding Litany is the highest level of Liturgical Observance; It is adherence to a proscribed set of Major Tenets of a faith which is to be shared and practiced by the community of followers. The Abiding Litany must not bow to the civil/temporal authorities either in private or in public. An Abiding Litany is an expression of the “High Covenant” (Major Tenets, Benefits, and Expectations).

Benefits of a Abiding Litany Oath

  • May perform the Rite of Offering in order to gain Blessings.
  • It grants benefits when they participate in Rituals (Rites), Ceremonies and other types of faith acts with others of the same Shared Litany.

Common Cost: 1 Essence

Common Requirements/Limits: Being a Follower of a Divine Principal/faith in Good Standing. Adherence to its [documented] General Litany & Shared Litany proscribed tenets.

Incarna d20™ Abiding Litany Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

The following require no Concentration if cast on the target with Abiding Litany by a source that has Shared Litany: Shield of Faith, Protection from Evil/Good, Detect Magic, Barkskin, Heroism

iCore Abiding Litany Details/Mechanics

Elan Building: This particular activity, along with Mystic Offerings to or time serving a Prime Entities, Time in Service to Prime Institutions or Entities, acquiring knowledge and experience arduously and over great amounts of game time (beyond Character Inception), Acts altering the outcome of great conflicts or the lives of many in general, and enhancing capabilities to an epic level can all build Elan.

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