Grace (Good Standing)

Grace is a measure of the correspondence between the divine source and a subject. Higher states of grace are indicative of closer personal correspondence and trust between the divine and their followers; it does not necessarily indicate function or formal rank within a faith’s institutions. It is achieved through the fulfillment of expectations – adherence to tenants, upheld values, sacrifice, and continued service to the faith.

Good Standing (Divine)

Good Standing, in Divine terms, is when the character has retained their full State of Grace, is not under any Proclamation of Transgression. An entity may be under Censure, but still be in general Good Standing by their behavior. Their standing can be restored with Atonement or Act of Penance temporarily.

The there is no Rite of Zealotry, it counts as the highest State of Grace one can have in relation of a Divine Principal ; Though Agent may be greater in Divine Command (voice of authority), they are not necessarily all Zealots.