Aptitude Saturation (prevalence within a sphere, setting, area, or field)

Saturation measures the prevalence of aptitude energies (as represented by the Anima Energy Reservoirs) and capability in any given sphere, dimension, setting, area, field or even object. The level of saturation can enhance or suppress aptitude related capabilities. It is assumed that saturation is Pervasive unless noted.

  1. None – No one practices related powers and capabilities; This may be virtually unknown.
  2. Hidden – Few knows it exists but its related powers and capabilities are purposefully obfuscated and restricted. Ancient legends and rumors will hint at such.
  3. Aware – Most knows it exists but it is not an everyday occurrence. Related powers and capabilities are seen as exotic and approached with suspicion. The rigors of its practices are too far from the survival concerns of everyday folk; Related mundane effects are often seen as supernatural in themselves when demonstrated.
  4. Prevalent – Everyone knows it exists but it is not an everyday occurrence. While anyone can pick up the methods and the means of improving and acquiring it is uncommon and not easily discovered. The practices take an active role in society, and it is a mysterious though accessible means of transcending the fears and pressures of the world.
  5. Pervasive – It’s accessible to everyone and everything. The means anyone can pick related powers and capabilities up and the means of improving and acquiring is common and shared.

Example of Limiting Saturation: A plane of existence may have a strong occult prevalence (those with occult ability are more powerful) and weak divine prevalence which inhibits the use of divine ability. This would be represented as Occult (Pervasive), Divine (Aware) or Occult (4) and Divine (2). This effectively limits an entity’s aptitude capability to the corresponding saturation level as a maximum, though does not alter its nature.

Example of Adjusted Saturation: An area may suppress or enhance aptitudes. This would be represented as Divine (-1)/Occult (+1); this means the entity’s aptitude measures and what they are capable of are adjusted by the listed amount. Adjusted measures do not imply understanding, but a change in potential.